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Thread: cpap machine usage?

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    Default cpap machine usage?

    I have a cpap machine and for the life of me,i can't get used to using it.It won't stay tight an moves around,i have quit using my machine and here lately I have had terrible dreams and even fell out of my bed,bust my head open two times.My doc can't seem to help me stop these accidents and i'm afraid I might hurt myself very seriously or even kill myself falling out.Any ideas on what to do about this?

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    I've had a cpap and had problems getting used to it. I had my doctor switch me to a bipap machine and it is so much better. It reduces the pressure when you breath out and raises it when you breath in. You might talk to your doctor about it. The higher your pressure is the more beneficial a bipap is.

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    I did the sleep apnea test about 10 years ago, and sure enough, I have sleep apnia. I'm supposed to use the CPAP myself but never did. I know people say you sleep better and it can reduce risks of heart attacks and stroke and all. I just figured I could never get used to wearing a mask and having a machine pump air into me and all. I know the risks but it's been 10 years (probably a lot more because I'm sure I had it at least 10 years before the test) and I'm still alive! And I've had lung and breathing problems as well including allergies. I say do what your doctor advises and all, it's just for me I don't think I could get used to it.

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    I use deltawave sleep therepy to assist on my sleep problems after my doctor suggested it.
    I gave it a try and let me tell you. Its something else.
    John august is renowned for this.

    This is track one to john august lifescapes sleep..... it countains what is called delta waves
    hidden to the ear unless you have very very good concentration. It runs generally around
    0.9 hertz of power and syncs your brain to sleep.

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    might wanna sit just your mattress on the floor.. 3-4 inch fall is a lot less painful. *only help i can really offer*

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    I have been using a Cpap since 2001. I have had problems with the mask also and it was more of getting a comfortable seal. The trick that I came up with is the "air soft" head cushions. They do not work for me. So what I did is take 2x2 gauze pads and fold them in thirds and then roll that up and stuff it into the space in the cushion. Tighten the mask so that it is snug yet comfortable and it will stay in place. I hate it when it leaks. It makes a cold spot right on the bridge of your nose and then the "face Farts" keep me awake anyway.

    Once you figure out what it is that will make yourself comfortable then you will sleep like a log. I know two ways when my cpap has fallen off; 1) I have dreams that I am drowning or suffocating, or 2) My wife is hitting me or strangling me because I am snoring so loud.

    Good Luck

    P.S. This is why I call the cpap the marriage councilor my wife has told me wear it on get a divorce because she hates when I snore. (unlike the feminine chainsaw noise she makes)

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    Been on a CPAP since about 2006. Mine is an auto flex bi-app, so it adjusts all through the night and I use a full face mask Fisher and paykel 432 or the forma. My doctor said that he has never seen such high compliance numbers 98% of the time I should wear it, I do

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    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea but I had a hunch it was due to the swelling in my jaw from impacted wisdom teeth. So I had those removed and sure enough, the sleep apnea resolved itself and I don't snore terribly anymore.

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    I've had my cpap for about a year. It took me almost a month to get used to it, but now I go to sleep quicker with it. You have to find that sweet spot where the mask is tight enough to not leak, but not so tight as it's uncomfortable. You just have to fool with it. Not only has it given me a much better quality of sleep, but it has improved my singing voice, I'm guessing because it has opened up my sinuses.

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    I've been on a CPAP since 2005. I fell asleep in traffic and bumped my car into the median! I took to it like a duck to water. Love my CPAP as I sleep like a baby! You can find great information here:

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