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Thread: favorite baby bedtime song

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    Smile favorite baby bedtime song

    Your caretaker has you in theyre arms and is ready to put you into your
    bed all nice and snuggly and warm. they look at you and say "awwww baby
    what song do you want tonight for bed?" what song would you choose?

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    I personally like lullaby and goodnight *lookup the one by jewel* or twinkle twinkle
    with a head caress. My opinion

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    Not really a baby song, but when I'm feeling little, I love 'Sweet Baby James' by James Taylor as a bedtime song.

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    I like this one the best, rare to even get to the second verse/section for me Zzzzzzz !

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    I like "Hush Little baby", and "Dreamland opens here". "All the Pretty Little Ponies" has good memories for me too, as my dad always used to sing it to me. Those are the only lullaby-specific songs I actually remember being sung as a child. My parents always sang me old ballads as lullabies. So other comfort songs for me are things like "The Selkie of Sule Skerry", and "The Water is Wide".
    Here is the only recording I could find of "Dreamland":

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