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Thread: Ever Swallow Anything Strange?

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    Red face Ever Swallow Anything Strange?

    Something that normally shouldn't be swallowed, that is? Reading the thread about benefits of eating smaller portions had me thinking of what I liked to eat when I was little, and also sparked an old memory of something I shouldn't have eaten, if you could call what happened "eating". I was about 3 or 4 and getting into mischief as usual. This time I was digging into my mother's jewelry box and took out a dangle type earring. It wasn't an expensive diamond or pearl, btw. For some reason I kept putting it into my mouth. Maybe to make it dangle wildly by shaking my head while holding onto the screw back with my teeth. Hard to remember now exactly what I was doing. I do remember holding my head back while putting it in my mouth again, only this time it went in and quickly slid down my throat like a slippery cough drop! Mom came in immediately thereafter, almost instinctively, to see what I was up to. My facial expression always gave me away, plus when I was real quiet somewhere else in the house she knew I was up to no good. Looking at me, she knew I had done something but couldn't put her finger on it. Of course, I said I was just playing and left it at that. I guess she always wondered what became of the matching earring. I don't remember seeing it come out, not that I would know to check at such a young age. Wouldn't it be something if the earring was still hung up somewhere in my innards after all these years? LOL Has anyone else ever accidently swallowed something like that?


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    i broke a brace of my braces last year and swallowed that. It was really sharp. I also swallowed the key to the garage door when i was 5 because someone did it on TV. We got it back though!

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    not me, but my brother would eat cigarette butts, not jsut once, but over and over again when he was 2-3, i have no idea why, he would get a mouthfull and SCREAM, weed get it all cleaned out, then a few minutes later he'd take another handfull and cram it in!

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    Dude, your brother is like 2-3 years old and already has huge nicotine cravings!!! CURSE YOU NICOTINE!!!!!!

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    I've been trying to think but I don't recall ever doing that, will have to ask my mum. I most likely have, I was a real bastard of a child

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    SCREAM, weed get it all cleaned out, then a few minutes later he'd take another handfull and cram it in!
    I hope you mean we'd as in we would as I take a strong morale stance agsinst using illegal drugs to clean out a 2-3 olds mouth(not that it would do much good) BUt on a serious note Id on't really remember much from my childhood ive swallowed a couple different coins and at one point i swallowed a small silve ball(don't remeber from what)

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    no, i didn't eat anything, and i never really did anything that bad. i climbed trees though. i loved climbing trees. still do, but now i'm much more causios (darn you concious!!!)

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    Dental floss.

    Yeah, do don't it. End result is scary. >_<

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