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Thread: marijuana decriminalization

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    Default marijuana decriminalization

    my viewpoint on this subject It needs to be legal all around the world I don't see any harm in it and I think the fact that Colorado has it legal its saying something positive what is everyone's thoughts on this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    my viewpoint on this subject It needs to be legal all around the world I don't see any harm in it and I think the fact that Colorado has it legal its saying something positive what is everyone's thoughts on this?
    Agreed. I see an overall benefit to the community by legalizing marijuana. And taxing it. Just like alcohol and tobacco.

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    I don't have that many thoughts. This has been going on for awhile and people are tired of hearing the same thing over and over. People "state" it doesn't do much damage like alcohol but it's still smoking in my opinion. People have said they only do it to get the high but anything to get a high can result in bad results. It's good for you, healthy, but wouldn't be healthy if it was ALL OVER.

    Back then,

    Kids drank cough medicine to get the high and they ended up either dead or in the hospital (Good reason why I don't take my medicine back then)

    Sorry off-topic. Anyway, some people don't consider to take this seriously and if marijuana was legal tomorrow, "almost" everyone would feel some high state and the world would just be weird and uncomfortable...kinda of a huge change. You would wake up in the next morning to watch the news and the anchorman would sit there "ok y' we have some news...some very...comfortable news...but let's go to our...our forcast for the weather...skylar?" It would be a huge change we all would have to adapt to. I wanted to say let's let Marijuana be legal but I also listed all the Con's and the results were not pretty.

    Smoking Marijuana is still smoking except it's like 1 marijuana is half of 5 cigarettes. Probably does less damage than a regular cigarette but it's still consider smoking. Can anyone relate to how this is good? "Will let me stay out of trouble" Take good church classes to stay out of trouble. "Need an addiction to quit my heroine" It's called patches and stress balls...But marijuana will do damage.

    Your right about Marijuana not doing any damage (Some state not as much but does damage) even medics recommended it but it's a huge change and nobody like's change in the first place. Marijuana is safer and does help you relax, good for health, but I don't see the difference that marijuana is good and bad. People can freak out over nothing but there should be a limit it they are going to start legalizing this stuff. I would hate having to sit in a restaurant and everyone is smoking joints all around me instead of tasting chocolate, I'm tasting Marijuana. Smoke at home, not in public because when everyone starts smoking Marijuana,they will be at more places rather than people smoking in convenient places.

    You also hear people say it's bad for your lungs (Which is in this manner)
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    i worry more about it being legalized than how it is now, technically marijuana users really want to have it decriminalized not legalized, if legalized the plant is going to be genetically altered and patented. they will make strains that cannot reproduce without corporate involvement.
    simply its the only natural medicine that will help nausea and appetite, and it also has anti inflammatory properties.
    no plant should be illegal in any country.
    every plant has its uses, they just need to be respected. one of the biggest crimes of our time is the pharmaceutical company's making people believe their drugs are the only effective means of treating illness.
    we can grow every medicine needed on the planet in a garden

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    Coincidentally I saw this tonight and I have the same thoughts on the matter:

    American Lung Association

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    I think marijuana should be knocked down to being a misdemeanor. That way it can be controlled to some extent. To send people to jail for smoking mj. seems ridiculous to me. I smoked every night for the last two years of college and it certainly had some negative affects. I think one should at least wonder why they want to get high, at least like in my case. I had a lot of emotional issues and a lot of psychological pain. Mj. was an effective way to temporarily escape that pain, but the reasons for that pain never went away, and they weren't effectively dealt with. Now at age 66, they have a nasty way of coming back and haunting me, like some stubborn ghost.

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    Marijuana, I believe is illegal for no good reason. There's no legitimate reason why it's illegal.

    I don't think anyone here can give a legitimate reason why either. I'm not a pothead, but, the laws are pretty harsh for possession. It can also ruin careers and lives to have it on your record.

    Cigarettes are bad for people, and kills a lot of people. Alcohol kills more than the users, but bars are still legal. Marijuana, in advertisements against it, are just ludicrous.

    Legalizing it will help the large debt that we have in several ways. The billions spent on incarcerating people for possession. The billions spent on trying to control marijuana. The tax money made off of it will only help things even more.

    Marijuana can be grown in some of the most infertile soils and can be grown in otherwise useless land. It can benefit the economy as well providing more jobs.

    Continuing to keep it illegal, will only hurt the country. If alcohol continues to be legal, you might as well.

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    I voted to legalize it for personal us and TAX it.

    I do not us it, I do not care if someone else uses it, unless they are on my dime being paid to get a job done, (long story).

    It is out there, the people that use are doing it legal or not.

    I think the Police argument that DUII will increase is BS. They have to do way more paperwork and faster then alcohol DUII is the only issue. If it is out there, they're using it, and they are already driving buzzed.

    All I have to say is GOD help the person I catch selling, giving, or encouraging my kids to use that crap.

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    I'm going to choose to ignore the issue of genetically engineered plants and plant patents. That should be its own topic.

    As far as the use of marijuana, I think it should not be a crime for anyone 18+ or 21+. I compare it mostly to smoking, it's less addictive than nicotine, though somewhat more disabling during its actual use, so more like alcohol in that regard. So I'm not really sure if it should be 21+ or 18+, but either way, I think it should be legal for adults to use it so long as they do so safely. There should be a driving under the influence crime, same as alcohol, ditto for heavy machinery. I'd also say that if someone is responsible for caring for a child or other dependent and the kid gets hurt while the adult is smoking marijuana, that's negligence and a problem (could be evidence of negligent parenting, or if it's somebody else's kid, the one smoking should have to pay for whatever harm is caused plus punitive damages).

    So legal, but with restrictions and not abused, is my position.

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