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Thread: cloth diaper seamstress?

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    Default cloth diaper seamstress?

    Anyone have a favorite cloth diaper seamstress? During the past six months I've lost all three of my cloth diaper sources.

    After years of trial and error I've found that a Killington flannel contour diaper or soaker/insert with Zorb II plies inside work best for me.

    I use velcro closures.

    I also use Snap EZ pocket diapers in both styles.


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    I really doubt that you will be able to find a seamstress that will be able to make good quality diaper as well and for less than the several companies that already sell them. I have mine altered to fit my body better, but it is expensive.

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    I suggest you take a look at they have an awesome product that works really well, I have one myself since january 2013 and this is an awesome product, can't tell about their absorbency cause I use them to add thickness to disposable diapers but Oleman72 owns a few of them and they are awesome, can't remember where he wrote about them but they work really well according to him.

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