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Thread: Discovered something I do not enjoy

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    Default Discovered something I do not enjoy

    They say you should try something before you knock it. I tried something... messy. Decided without qualification, that's an area of diaper usage I'm going to stay far away from. But if I hadn't tried, I never would have known. *shrug*

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    It's not everyone's cup of tea. I have to be in right frame of mnd and of course, the right environment to even consider it myself. It's the cleanup that makes me think twice really before considering it.

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    Good for you at least you tried a messy diaper ,some don't but feel they are able to comment on it

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    Hmmm... Well, I already know it's not something I'd enjoy at all... Normally though I'd say the same, try it before judging. *Shrugs* WHO knows, maybe I will one day anyway... You know, for science!

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    Lol we named our cat Science so we could say things were "for Science!" XD

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    That's what I call a quick reply! O.O But hey, nice idea! I'll totally do that whenever I get a kitty... Or maybe not, but I like the ida.

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    I have tried it a couple of times.
    I think nothing makes you feel so completely helpless, little or naughty than to be messy. It is the ultimate for feeling a bit helpless and "wrong". It brings up all sorts of feelings of prospective punishment or possibly nurturing. The feeling of "I need help!" or "Oh no. I gotta hide this" is strong.
    This idea I can accept and understand the attraction of.

    But for me, I hate the smell and the clean up. It is fun at the time, but any enjoyment I get from the act itself is quickly nullified by the cleanup and disposal afterwards.

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    Something you don't have to try to know you don't like them. This is a personal choice, and everyone should figure it out or decided for themselves.

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    I agree that it's not for everyone, but it has a nice feeling for me from time to time. I don't find the cleanup all that bad and just a part of it. For me that is rinsing the diaper in the big potty and a wash cloth.

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