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Thread: I'm having withdrawals.

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    Default I'm having withdrawals.

    Hello people, kids, and babies of the like. I just feel like sharing today.

    It has been awhile since I had anything of the padded kind to wear. this is due to the fact of an incident that happened when I ordered from an Ebayer a little over a year ago. I found a great deal for a case of Attends for a total of 96 diapers. for $39 free shipping.

    I contacted the seller before hand inquiring about the package they are shipped in. The seller had insured me that there were no markings and the you could not tell what was in the box. This is of concern with be because I live with other people.

    When the package had arrived I was asleep and the people up stairs who had guests at the time took the package in and then proceeded to call me stating " Your DIAPERS are here." On the outside I was calm and played it off like it was nothing but on the inside this was the worst possible thing that could happen in this situation. the people up stairs went out for lunch and that when I grabbed the package and took it down stairs.

    although the label on the box was covered it still showed the quantity of the product stating 96 pads and the box was tapped with clear tape so the contents were obvious if you looked through the tape.

    Angry at the seller and scared of what might be said by people I went on ebay and gave the seller a fairly bad rating. The seller of course asked what went wrong and I gave them the answer. The seller felt bad and offered to send be another case free of charge and packaged the correct way. I refused and feeling that the seller had not knowingly messed up I had re-rated and gave a better review.

    But I had not ordered from any where since then until now. hopefully thing go better this time seeing as I ordered from ABU and they have always shipped discreetly. Nothing further has been said from anyone so I assume they had forgot or just dont care.

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    Good luck with your next order, sucks that you had a bad experience. If youre buying now im guessing that the cravings got to you huh? I know the feeling, im getting that itch myself now after 3 months. Have fun with your new diapers.

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    MonteDriver93, sorry to hear this happened. With these folk living upstairs, you will most likely have regular interaction with them, and yeah, probably nicer not having neighbors know that you are purchasing diapers.

    Having said that, nothing appears to have been mentioned since, and well, you might have been ordering them for somebody else, or for some reason other than for you to wear for pleasure. Or maybe you had a temporary medical need. Seems like they didn't really care.

    With regards to getting some more - is there anyway you can grab some in a store? Even if they are not amazing ones, might be better than nothing. And no delivery concerns...?

    Good luck!

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    There are places you can get a box so have your diapers shipped there works great.
    Been using a for years. If they wont ship to pobox some places have a adress unit number so you can get your stuff shipped there .

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    I would consider a PO box but it is not that much of a worry any more. I didnt say this but the people up stairs are my old foster parents and I rent there basement out. I believe they allow this because I help the out a lot with taking the kids to school some times or watching the house. as of the moment Im also ordering car parts so I have a little bit of cover for why I am receiving packages at the moment. Also I have only bought at the store once. cant bring my self to do it anymore though and also now that I have had a taste of quality the stores cant really compare : p

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    Well now they know u wear them sl u should find a good ecxuse for needing them and tell thrm, that way if u get a giant case of diapers anf ur not around , u will feel ok with it gettin left with them. Lucky for I have legit reason I can tell someone if I had to, thaf being bedwetting and oab.

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    Hey we all go through shitty days right? Don't let this one day discourage you from doing what you like. Hell, for those of us that got caught by our parents were discourage from wearing diapers, most of the user base from Adisc would not be here. Pad up buddy. Like others have stated, have you looked into alternative mailing?

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    you are right about shitty days. I just dont have the will I think I do some days. but every thing went great this time. I ordered on a day that would most likely have the package delivered on a day I am off and thank goodness I gave ABU a little wiggle room. It was delivered when no one was even home.

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    Yeah I would of said to them OK ty and if you want to you could help me and change me

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