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Thread: Seni Standard Night: bringmesunshine review

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    Default Seni Standard Night: bringmesunshine review

    1st and 4most it's been a while since I've done one of these...down to biznes!

    Thin (to the point where comfort is very hard to gain), tainted with an artificial lavender smell (that's hard to 'blot-out' if you get my meaning) and saddled with the most easy-ripping tapes I've ever had mis4tune of working with...Seni Standard Nights are not very good nappies. On top of what I've already listed they come in packs of thirty (the norm' amount for a carry bag is about 24 unless I really am wrong) meaning if you don't want them after trying them out you've got more to work through and the absorbency is shocking tho more on that shortly. Moving bak to the 1st thing I sed they are thin - so thin that I have to double them up for comfort and I'd go as far as to say that other comfort-seekers'd probs hav the same problem. Zipping bak to the end of the shpool - absorbency. I was wearing just one as a test and after one full-bladder wetting I couldn't actually sit upright in a normal position because it felt like the crotch was about to wave the white flag - 'yes they sound thin and cheap so I'm not surprised' you may be saying but they are a night version of the product...A NIGHT VERSION! I have never had to double up a nappy specially made for bed-sleep wear (and I've tried them IUAW - peach coloured Flufsan Nights = awsome (BTW)) so it's pretty worrying to think that if i'd not doubled up before sleep and wet before dropping off good legs-together-squish or heavy-roll-over while in the land of nod cood have ended in a rather damp way!
    These nappies are purple and I think it's a slightly lighter shade down from the Molicares chosen hue.
    Finally price - unfortunately I bought them online in a rush so at this point I don't know - that sed I'm gesing they're pretty cheap 'cause they ain't the best!
    In conclusion then Seni Standard Nights are a nice change...once...or if you'd prefer me saying it another way - it's nice to change out of a Seni Standard Night into any other good nappy out there!

    For a post-script I'll say I won't be getting them again tho despite everything i've reeled off here I may still take a chance on the day ones. bringmesunshine

    Keep your eyes peeled bringmesunshine review fans - a review of Vlesia Comfort-Pluses is close.

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    Can't believe I forgot to mention this but...they are plastic backed. Vlesia Comfort-plus Slip Review poss' a few days away. BMS

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