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Thread: Discretely disposing diapers

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    Exclamation Discretely disposing diapers

    I've got a spot to hide them in my room (in a suitcase in one of my closets), but the problem is moving them from there into the main trashcan. Currently (most) are sealed up in a few layers of garbage bags to help lessen the smell, but I'm trying to get rid of them this sunday (our neighborhood's trash day), and it's currently very early friday where I am.

    Not only that, but I want to try to avoid having my dad near my closet, because today he came in and started strumming on the guitar in my room and our dog started sniffling at the crack of the closet door . Luckily he (dad) didn't open it. I have an attic I could temporarily moved the suitcase to, but the suitcase is unbelievably heavy from the diapers and there's several obstacles in the way of the attic entrance. I would take them to the trash bin right now since they're probably dead asleep, but I'm paranoid of him suddenly waking up and catching me in the act. He works nightshifts again tomorrow, saturday, and sunday, so hopefully I'll be able to sneak 'em in the trashbin and plop the regular kitchen trash on top of it which reeks of rotting meat, and hopefully that'll mask the piss ammonia smell. Is that a good way of disposing?

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    The best way I've found of disposing is one of two ways, either sealing in a ziplock bag and putting in the trash then putting something like a paper towel over it. (Bag prevents smell because airtight seal and paper towel conceals bag.) Or just waiting till my parents go to sleep and take it out to the outer trash can. With the first way you're fine unless someone accidentally drops something important in the trash and starts to dig. With the second you can just say someone passing by your house must have put them in when walking past if anyone asks. My house is situated close enough to the road where that can happen so it works for me. If you don't have ziplock bags I've found that regular plastic bags and fabric softener helps (Though it's not super effective.)

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    This is a common need of ab/dls. I ussually use a couple grocery bags. *2 per diaper and wrap
    it THEN seal it tight. make sure that they are shaken out in woods to put it bluntly if they are
    messy before doing that step. Also then, bear in mind to put the single wrapped diaper (which
    is now in a wrapped *twirled and tied* grocery bag) into a thick scented 13 gallon trash bag.
    Then when filled half way, fold it over and put it in one more.

    THIS LOCKS SCENT AND VISION 100% if done correctly. For bonus, put it in the trash bagwhen your taking out the notmal trash. Make sure that you dont fill the initial trash bag to full
    or otherwise it wont fit well. sometimes people may put stuff on top and take it out so people
    dont wonder why the trash bag is there and do not question it. I have a zip up suitcase with a
    lock that contains one section to hold this until it needs to be taken out, and then I ussually time
    it carefully as well and put it at the bottom of the can and put stuff on it. (must do that quickly in
    order not to look like your bobbing for garbage*) I hope some of this helped

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    I'm lucky as I'm first up an work on the road so I get rid of mine in litter bins

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    It was a mistake to let them build up like that. The best thing to do is bag them (I use opaque grocery bags) and sneak them into the main trash one or two at a time. If you think you can sneak them into the attic, you can definitely sneak a few into the trash.

    When it's just one at a time, you can get it into the trash fast. If it's bagged no one can tell what it is. If you dispose of them in 1s and 2s, there's no time for smell to accumulate.

    you could also get creative and drop them out the window to pick up and throw into the bins outside (therefore bypassing the need to carry them by otherpeople in the house), or smuggle out a few at a time in a backpack.

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    I usually don't use more than one when I'm in doubt if I'll be able to dispose of them easily. And with one diaper I just pack it in a few scented diaper trash bags (surprisingly, trash bags for baby diapers can easily hold a seriously wet Abena M3), take it with me when I go somewhere and dump it in a public trash bin. It must look kind of weird when I take out random bag out of my backpack and throw it out there, but nobody ever said anything.

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    One caution since you have more than one used diaper: be mindful of the weight you add to the trash bag. If you add them to an inside trash and someone else carries that bag out to another container, the added weight of multiple diapers may stress the bag or pique curiosity. I'd advise throwing them in public trashcans if you have any available. This avoids any risk from those known to you. It may be unlikely but you can't control when someone might dig through the trash for reasons of their own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrandonSleepypuppy View Post
    make sure that they are shaken out in woods to put it bluntly if they are
    messy before doing that step [/I][/B]
    I hope you are kidding...

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