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Thread: hi i am new

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    Smile hi i am new

    hi i am Mattie baby. been playing the baby off and on most of my life. havent been caught diapered yet but my mom did find my dirty diapers that i hadnt got to the garbage once. that was interesting. she asked me if i had more i lied and told her no (had 2 or 3 unused ones) still wounder what she might have done if i would have told the truth. any ways she just told me if i wanted to wear them to be sure to trow them away when i used them. part of me things she knew i had more since my un used ones where in the dresser draw beside the used ones.

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    Welcome Mattie. Glad you introduced yourself, and are contributing already.

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    Yes! Welcome Mattie. I hope you make some friends here.

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    Heya, Mattie! Welcome to ADISC
    Close call there, eh? I know how that is.
    Anywho, hope you enjoy your stay here c:

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    Welcome to the site Mattie. You'll get a lot of support from all of us. I would think that yes, your mom does know about you. I would talk to her about it only if you were not able to deal with it, and needed her help. Otherwise, I would let it pass into the dark of night. We're a good group to ask questions, and see what others think. You have done well to come here. Best of luck.

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