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Thread: Binge/purge cycle (or lack thereof)

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    Default Binge/purge cycle (or lack thereof)

    So, I've been abdl for as long as I can remember, and never went through the binge/purge cycle. I've also never had any trouble with accepting this side of me. I don't make it public for everyone to see, of course, but I certainly have no reservations or disdain about it.

    Is there anyone else here who's like me?

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    Not me. I've purged several times, only to begin re-creating a stash again. Time in between cycles varied quite a bit.

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    I have seen comments like yours from time to time. I wish they were more common. I didn't actually throw things out much (once or twice as a kid) but the feeling that it was wrong and I was wrong for liking it plus the manic energy of getting them was there. Sometimes, I sort of miss the rollercoaster effect but it's so much better overall to just be okay with myself in this. To sum up: you're not alone, just in a happier minority.

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    I was just wondering, because it seems like the vast majority of our community goes through that cycle. I guess I never went through it because I didn't have my first actual half decent stash until I was 19. I never had any really young siblings, and sort of lived out in the middle of nowhere, so keeping one wasn't really an option. My mother found my stash when I was 21, and we fought about it, so I stopped wearing for a while. I never threw anything out, though.

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    When I was a kid I actually purged a couple times but I think it had more to do with the guilt of having stolen diapers from family friends than it did guilt of wearing diapers. As an adult I've never once purged and I don't really binge all that much.

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    I've never had a purge in the sense of throwing my AB things away, though I have periods where I don't regress at all. Sometimes I just don't feel the need to, and other times I do feel some semblance of guilt about wanting to act like an infant or toddler. I don't feel guilty in the sense that I find it morally shameful, I just feel like I'm an insufficient amount of an adult for someone in their mid-20s. That said, I think there are millions of so-called 'grown ups' who, to quote Dylan Moran, feel less like "an adult" and more like "a tall child holding a beer, having a conversation you don't understand".

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    I don't get to wear very often. It's only on the rare occasions when my wife and kids are away for a night or two that I get to indulge.
    When this happens, I will buy diapers, and use them all in whatever time I have available. Once they're gone, it's probably going to be months before I will wear again, so I make the most of it.
    And truthfully, by the time I've used them all I feel satisfied enough that the urge is if not gone, at least quietened down for a while. It's not a bad system in a way. Every time I get to buy some, it's as exciting as the first time.

    So not a classic binge/purge scenario, but with similar results.

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    Technically speaking no I have never had a binge/purge cycle. Under no circumstances should anyone ever think that was due to my fortitude or anything coming from me though. the answer to why I never had a binge/purge cycle is really quite unusual and almost tragic actually. I was simply never given even the opportunity to go through that because I was suffering even more so in other ways at the time. You see some of you know I have Asperger's right? One of the symptoms of that form of autism are sensory issues that make me "space out". When I am spaced out I simply don't have the mental capacity to even feel the negative emotions that come with the binge/purge cycle (or much of any emotions at that either). Mix in the fact that I was chronically homeless which gave me few chances to indulge (homeless shelters offer very little privacy) and constantly being overloaded and spacing out all the time, resulted in me having no chance to even hate myself for anything.(I.E. lack of opportunity to do so) In fact it never occurred to me to even regress until I first came here. I thought I was just a diaper lover. I never even had a term for that until I got here I just knew it was there and was too distracted to even take time to think about it.

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    I have purged before but it wasn't only with AB stuff. It happened several times in my late teens and twenties. At these times, I would get mad at something (as far as I can remember - it never had to do with diapers, CD or AB stuff) and throw out stuff - whatever I could grab. Sometimes it was CD or AB related but most of the things I discarded were everyday items. (I got rid of some magazines, books, photos and some other things I really wish I didn't.)

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    Well I did not buy anything for myself along these lines until May of this year and everything has been going great since then. It feels weird to spend money on myself sometimes. I may be in binge now since I have been wearing 24/7 for 5 months. No days have I thought about throwing anything away besides wet diapers.

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