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    here we go again... certain user-functions are denied to me, no doubt due to my recent (most recent, anyway) unexplained absence... posting a new greeting fixed it last time, so we'll try it again before poking the mods out of their slumbers, secret combinations, or frantic all-night coding...

    I am (still) a large, ponderous, highly snuggable raccoon wif a penchant for blushy foxes ^.^ I am apt to hibernate suddenly & without notice for extended periods. When I emerge from the den, and have shaken off the cobwebs, gone through the re-registering rigmarole, and clawed through the snow to locate my lost voice, I am apt to spew words, many and long. Partly out of fear that if they aren't used, then google will quietly delete them from the dictionary, but mostly cuz it is funZorz. Especially wif an audience of wide-eyed and bushy-tailed little furry things who will bask and be warmed in the glow of my rich stentorian tones. (Though the warming, I suspect, may be due in equal part to their falling asleep at my droning, enwrapped in each others' fur.)

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    Raccoon! Nice to see you back. Not too much has changed, but pop in the IRC when you can will you?

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    Welcome back to you also, Raccoon. Now here's a member who needs no re-re-introduction.


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