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Thread: Alright ABDLs.... help me decide.

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    Default Alright ABDLs.... help me decide.

    My birthday is in three days... well, I guess it's the 2nd now, so technically, two days. That means I'm getting some Birthday spending money. Not much, but some.

    I want to get a sample pack of some actual AB-print diapers. The three brands I'm deciding between are:

    - Bambinos (Bellissimo), which seem to be pretty much everyone's favorite. They have my favorite diaper print since it's Hello Kitty-esque, but it's the most expensive sample pack.

    - Aww So Cute, which come in pink (a big plus) and are the same price as the Bambinos, but have three to a sample pack instead of two.

    - Cuddlz, which I've heard are very similar to the Aww So Cute! Diapers but at $5 for a pack of two, half the price of the Bellissimos.

    Which should I go with? Which is comfiest and which is best value? Are the Bellissimos really that much more absorbent than the others that the price difference is worth it?

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    i like the aw so cute's print. But if i was going to spend i would get some plastic diaper covers in a cute print.. but that's just me ^^

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    Twiz: I've considered that, but literally some of my earliest memories are staring at the patterns on my diapers. It's been too long since I've gotten to do that!

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    I'd recommend Bambino Teddy. ihmo they have a better babyish print anyway, but they're also slightly cheaper. Unless you really think you're going to heavily use your diaper, you won't get anywhere near the capacity of a teddy let alone the higher capacity of the bellisimo. Save yourself a little money, get more diapers or get something else with what you save.

    I don't know what you'll have to spend, but of course cases are always the best value

    On that line, bambino sells a "mixed case", you get 16 bianco (ALL white), 16 classico (baby blocks!) and 16 teddy. If you can afford a case, THAT would be my recommendation.

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    Bambino'd -- Living in condo with parents. I don't really have a place to HIDE a whole case ... only one "private" drawer in my dresser dedicated to all things fetish (and I've got several fetishes so the drawer's already kinda cramped.) Besides, if they knew I had several, er, "hiding spots" for that kind of thing they'd worry I was doing something illegal. They've already asked outright, when I asked for more alone time for my personal life, "you're not doing anything illegal, are you?"

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    A plastic storage container would be a good idea. Out things in it, out out of season clothes on top of diapers. You can also put packs on the inside of your box spring.

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