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Thread: Halloween Costumes for 2014???

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    Default Halloween Costumes for 2014???

    What are you planning on dressing up as this Halloween? Maybe you can spark some ideas for myself?

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    I will wear my wolf fursuit for Halloween.

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    I've got a few different costumes that I'll be wearing at different times for different things this year.

    I've got a Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) & Hobbes costume as well. I'll be wearing the Calvin costume to work one day. The Hobbes costume I'll be wearing to take a little cousin Trick or Treating, while he wears the Calvin costume.

    I've also got a really cool zombie costume (full latex head mask and gloves. the gloves go up to my elbows). I wore that one last year to scare trick or treaters at a friends' house. Might wear that one again for a party. I got it for a zombie walk, that they have since decided to no longer do.

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    Well, I was going to go around as a baby in some footed pjs or maybe a kigu, but I decided it would be better that I didn't. Then I was going to go as Jack Skellington, but I am too fat. Then I thought maybe I could be Mario or Wario, because they seem closer to being my size. I think I am going to stay home and just pass out candy to all the lucky people who can dress up. I don't know what I am going to do, maybe Wario.

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    I may go as slenderman again that's always fun.

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    Cool ideas. I am working on a Walter White/Heisenburg outfit. Going to shave my head and everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by defectivelyhappy View Post
    Cool ideas. I am working on a Walter White/Heisenburg outfit. Going to shave my head and everything.
    I really like this idea ^^ being a big fan of the show myself.

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    I have multiple pony hoodies so I can sometimes hit the same homes twice.

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    Going to be baby Alice in wonderland ^__^

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