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Thread: diaper company feedbacks and reputations

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    Default diaper company feedbacks and reputations

    hi ya'all I was wondering which cloth diaper supplier to buy from?does any one have any advice on

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    I think you will get a number of different answers. I get my cloth diapers from All Together Enterprises which is All Together Diapers. I like the gauze night weight pre-folds.

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    I haven't bought diapers from Baby Pants, but have had very good service when I bought plastic pants from them.

    I got an exceptional deal on 18 large-size diapers from Rearz ( ), a Canadian company, through a special offer on Ebay. Eighteen diapers cost about $250 on that offer, and I snapped them up as fast as I could. I don't expect to buy cloth diapers for at least 10 years, and I wear them 24/7 as long as I'm at home (not out-of-town) for a few days when I'm at work. They're cotton twill fabric, a strong weave that doesn't seem to "pill" with washing and drying. Pilling occurs when fibers shed from the fabric inside the layers of a diaper and form into balls which can be uncomfortable. Excellent customer service, too!

    I've gotten diapers from (ACD) as well, and have had good service from them also. I bought gauze diapers from ACD, very soft and comfortable, but they did tend to pill before the diaper wore out. The gauze seemed to have a much shorter useful life as well. I didn't try their birdseye fabric diapers.

    Kins (AKA Babykins) ( sells flannel diapers in a variety of styles, colors, and prints. I've used their flat prefold diapers which were very soft and comfortable for a while, but eventually became less comfortable as they'd been washed and the nap (fuzzy surface) wore off. They also had a tendency to pill after a while. However, they always sent me very nice baby print flannels and their customer service is exceptional.

    Thus, if I buy more cloth diapers, I'm almost certain I'll get them from Rearz in Canada. They're comfortable and the large size is a great fit for me.

    One more suggestion is to buy Gerber Toddler-size birdseye diapers (about $12-$14 for a package of 10) to use a stuffers inside the adult-size diaper, to increase the absorbency and extend the time a diaper can be worn without leaking. Gerbers last a long time, and one can add more or fewer as desired to change the total absorbency. They're a significant savings compared to purchasing adult-specific boosters.

    I hope this helps you a bit. Feel free to send me a message if I can provide any more information. My best to all,

    Binkey (Diapered 24/7 for 25+ years)
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    I have ordered many moons ago from their diapers have stranded the test of time.

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    hi,just to update here.i choose to go with bought 6 diapers &2 sets of diaper pins,more when they arrive,and I cah use them

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    I use Changing Times Diaper Co. for my twill prefolds and contour diapers. Also get my Boingos and Dritz baby pins from there.
    I find the Drtiz baby pins work better than the adult baby pins. They're sharper and made from stainless steel. Robert also handles
    plastic pants by Gary as well as others.

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