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Thread: Books about diaper fetish

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    Default Books about diaper fetish

    I am reading "baby in my bed" but is there a book that is more on the diaper fetish than the AB lifestyle??

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    I've written a handful of DL-oriented stories that I've been thinking about self-publishing, but it sounds like you're after something more on the instructional side. Is that right?
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    I read a book called [I]Nurse Jackie[I]. I cant remember who wrote it but I had bought it in barnes and noble. It was more or less about forced diapering and very sexual. Dunno if its still out there since that was 8 years ago when I was in college. I enjoyed it though.

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    Try Penny Barber's book. It is either in hardback or electronic format. Actually very interesting, and she is considered an expert.

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