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    I am a little behind the times but I just picked up a pebble smart watch and Holy shitake it is amazing. it does everything that I need a smart watch to do and the battery lasts about 6.5 days when I am using it which is about close to what they quoted it as.

    I want your guys input. what smart watch are you excited for or what one do you have now?

    I mainly got a pebble to do what I wanted for now while I wait for the technology to mature and get more support and more advanced

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    IDK, personally I don't see the need for a smart watch. I like my analogue watch with date function. :P I already have a smartphone and I don't see the need to wear one on my wrist.

    May I enquire though how it is actually living with one? It would be a pretty cool thing to have. I'm just not entirely sure what a smartwatch does.

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    Its got a cool gee-wiz factor to it, but yeah I can't really think of a practical use for one, and as a piece of jewellery I prefer a nice skeleton watch.

    It seems a really cool solution in desperate need of an unsolved problem.

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