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Thread: 'Ello everyone.

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    Default 'Ello everyone.

    Hey all! Guess I'm a new guy over here; you can call me Crimson. Let's see... I'm from Kentucky, I'm in the 8th grade. I like playing video games, reading, and both listening and playing music. On that note, I play both flute and piano and a little guitar. I like to listen to 12 Stones, Three Days Grace, Trapt, and other stuff like that.

    As for my TB/DL side, there's not a lot to say. No defining moment or anything that made me feel that way, just gradually over the years has become something that is a part of me. Mostly I lurk over at ABDLstoryforum, but thought ADISC looked like a good community. Bit bigger, which could be nice.

    That's about it. See you all around!

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    Welcome! I hope you like it here.

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