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Thread: Confused about applying for SSI

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    Default Confused about applying for SSI

    So i am trying to get SSI and my therapist agrees. He said i should start looking at lawyers but I have absolutely no idea how to do any of this. Has anyone had to get a lawyer for SSI? What should i be looking for in a SSI lawyer? I don't understand forms and things.

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    As far as legal goes, there should be SSD/SSI attorneys in your area... search online, or in the phone book... these legal professionals generally don't get paid unless you are awarded benefits... get a free consultation with one or more to find out more...

    Pretty much, you are most likely to be denied your initial application... however, documentation from several doctors and such will help to make your case. You might qualify for SSD and SSI... if you go to the government website, you can start your application now...

    In most cases, you will start an application even before you visit an attorney (many require it)...

    go to

    Here is a basic place to start getting familiar with the process... from one collection of information...

    Don't expect anything, anytime... do what you have to do to live your life to the best of your ability...

    It can be quite a lengthy process... and, you still may not get it...

    Best of luck to you...

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    Basically everything Marka said. I suggest googling Social Security Attorney along with the name of your city or region. You could also call your therapist's office and ask them for a recommendation for an attorney or at least where to look. I'm certain they'll have dealt with that before and may be able to direct you. The important thing is to get some direction from others who are already helping you and once you get in touch with someone that knows what they're doing, they'll help you get through the process. Anyone halfway decent at this stuff will be sensitive to the fact that they're dealing regularly with people who don't know how to go through the process.

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    I have to agree with the suggestions so far.

    I did it all on my own but that was not by my choice.

    1) Make sure you spell everything out in detail.

    2) get your doctors on board or at least give them a heads up, because it is going to be based on any information they give.

    3) If any of the doctors drag their feet about the records release, it will cause no end of trouble. However the other issue was that SSI kept giving them numbers and links that where not correct.

    4) Document , document, document any thing and everything you send them.

    5) Be prepared for dealing with organized "stupid". I filed on mental health issues and the examined me for back problems. When I told the examining doctor he just side step the issue and never answered any of my questions on what my back pain had to do with my mental meltdowns.

    I called one of the "Dowe, Cheatem & How" on the TV and they responded immediately. They sent me a contact and all she wanted was all of my paper that I sent to SSI. I sent her a zip file and then she sent me a bunch of releases for the documents all already gave then. When I told them they had it all I never herd from them again. So beware there are ones that want you to do all of the work for there 30%. My brother is going through this now and he got one that was recommended by a Doctor and he got him the forms and had my brother fill out everything and the guy is really acting like he cares for only 10%.

    So bottom line is buyer beware.

    Good luck and keep pushing, it took me 3 years and a lot of work to finally get to see a Judge that was pissed because it had gone that far.

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    start out by filling the application, it most likely will be denied, then you get a lawyer, at least that is how its working out for me, I'm waiting on an appeal, please be patient, this never goes very quickly, but you should get a retro check from the time you first applied, so if you are denied and a year later you win the appeal, you get a check for the year you were denied. Most lawyers will take 30% of any settlement from the appeal, once your claim is established the lawyers should take there 30% of any retro payments, and then your on your own.

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    Expect a lengthy ordeal to receive benefits, my mother had to go through this process, and I also have a friend's parent still fighting for it.

    I think they deny everyone the first time. They take months just to do that.

    You send a request and you'll wait months just to get your initial rejection letter, then you file an appeal, and wait for months for them to and you a letter about some sort of hearing that is months after that, my mother did this over the phone. Then you wait for them to send you a request to see a doctor at an appointment that's months down the road. Then after the doctor visit, you wait months just for them to send you another scheduled hearing appointment that is dated months later. That's when the doctor and you are on a phone conference again and then you have to wait months just to get your approval letter explaining your settlement of back pay from the day you have applied. Then you wait another couple months for that back owed payment to come in and the start of your benefits.

    This doesn't change too much with a lawyer either, my friend's father has been waiting for 18 months. The doctor already sent a document with initial request, stating that he can't work because of health conditions.

    It doesn't matter if you're diagnosed with a mental disorder from birth, a cousin of mine was born with CDLS and has the function of a 2 year old. The parents had to fight to get benefits from the birth and had to reapply once she surpassed 18 years of age.

    Just be prepared for a long difficult road ahead, because they expect you to be unable to work through the entire process.

    I forgot to add that you can't apply for Medicare until a few years after getting SSI benefits.

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    thankfully i have medi-cal so i can do doctor stuff, and i justt am terrible at paperwork. i don't understand it, had to have my mommy help me fill out forms for EBT and a worker help me fill out medi-cal paperwork.

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    fill it out the best you can, they will most likely deny you, so its not to big of a deal that you don't understand all the directions, it will be ok, when you get denied you can find a lawyer, they will work for a 30% chunk of your settlement should you win.

    I too had a very hard frustrating time filling out paperwork, I am waiting to see what the courts say after my lawyers are done.

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    While it's true that the Social Security Administration denies a lot of first time applicants (around 70% from my googling around about it), I think it's worthwhile to consult a lawyer from the start. There's still that 30% that gets accepted, and getting a lawyer to represent you and get everything in order to help your application will greatly raise your odds of hitting that initial 30%. They're also going to document everything carefully because that's basically what a lawyer's job is, which will considerably raise your odds on appeal as well.

    I'd strongly encourage you, or possibly someone on your behalf (your mommy maybe?) to call your doctor's office and ask them to recommend a lawyer or give you some suggestions on how to find one. That's the best way to get a quality person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crissyfox View Post
    So i am trying to get SSI and my therapist agrees. He said i should start looking at lawyers but I have absolutely no idea how to do any of this. Has anyone had to get a lawyer for SSI? What should i be looking for in a SSI lawyer? I don't understand forms and things.
    Are you applying for social security insurance (SSI) or are you applying for social security disability insurance(SSDI)? there's a difference between the 2 that some people don't recognize and miss. please keep in mind I am familiar with the process and I am on SSDI fyi.

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