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    Default Ranking diaper quality

    I been combing through old threads and haven't found the answer I'm looking for. I've been using Abena L4s for the past couple of weeks and I love them but they're too expensive for me to use exclusively.

    Out of curiosity, and for the sake of budget, I grabbed a pack of Walgreens briefs. They came out to about $.50 per diaper (on sale). They're not nearly as bad as I thought they would be, but they're certainly not meeting my expectations regarding absorbency.

    I've been cruising around the internet looking for something in between (as I'm sure many have before me). I prefer a "breathable" non-plastic diaper and I'd like to find something that fits the bill at around $.75 per diaper or less. Ideally they could be used over night (I'm not necessarily a heavy wetter) and do well regarding leakiness, obviously.

    I'd love some help ranking the following on a scale from Walgreens to Abena:

    Attends Breathable Briefs
    Attends Breathable Briefs Extra Absorbency (how much of a difference?)
    Kendall Covidien Wings Choice Plus Quilted
    McKesson StayDry Breathable Briefs
    ReliaMed Premium Breathable Briefs
    Dignity Comfort Breathable Brief
    Medline FitRight Plus "Cloth Like"

    I'm sure I've missed some good options. Thanks for your input!!
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    These might suit you. They seem breathable and easy to put on. Non-plastic and nothing artificial about it. Does the job like any other cloth out there.

    Leakmaster tends to grapple the body in a soothe motion and not sag at all. You would be better off in these instead of a cloth Abena since you are struggling with that diaper.

    There are others as you listed and more but these are one of the finest on the markets. These "I think" places as the top 10 cloth diapers they have to offer so I'd give these a try and see for yourself. They are fairly cheap but they are pricey just like any cloth diaper and this thing isn't disposable so you can re-wash over and over, totally worth the money.

    Here is a video about them as well

    They have many sizes so your size should be in there somewhere. These things have velcro tapes instead of them sticky tapes so it'll be a simple and easy snap on rather than a run-on.

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    Cloth is on my list in the near future for sure. I'm still looking for a disposable to enjoy too. Thanks Snivy!

    - - - Updated - - -

    And I've worked out my Abena woes. Got the right size and worked out my taping issues. Really like them and will probably use on special occasions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OtherJake View Post
    And I've worked out my Abena woes. Got the right size and worked out my taping issues. Really like them and will probably use on special occasions.

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