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Thread: What pacifiers do you guys have?

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    Awe its okay Snivy, I am the same I don't have any bottles or pacifiers either. I threw my pacifier out, it was hurting my teeth. I guess that is what happens when you get a nuk 2.

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    I just got a Nuk 5. I had one before but my mom stole it from me.

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    I have a nuk 5 and a nuk 3.
    I don't use the nuk 3 anymore, but I keep it around for sentimental reasons.

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    I don't have any bottles atm but I have a MAM 6+ Month pacifier that I really like. . . lol.

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    I have a nuk 5 a nuk 6 two nuk 3's a regular baby bottle and one form baby pants. Walk in the club and make it rain.

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    I was reluctant to buy one at first but I love it! I have a blue one with an orange ring on it. Its a nuk 5. The product however if your looking to buy one is under the name medic pro L.

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    One bottle and parts of another (I misplaced part of the bottle and I will probably find it at some point in the future.
    Several Pacifiers: 1 NUK 5, 3 18+ months

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    I have one NUK 5 pacifier and one NUK baby bottle.

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