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Thread: Comparing the old with the new Dry 24/7

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    Default Comparing the old with the new Dry 24/7

    The old dry 247 had asorbed about 11 8oz glass of water where the Comfidry 247 had a wopping 12 8 Oz glases of water.

    I found an old dry 247 and wanted to compare the old with the new. I ware the large. I found the new one dry is a bit thicker but when wet the old is thicker. I noticed the old leg cuffs are softer than the new. The mtteral of the old one is softer too. The old leaked at 11 8oz. The new one could of held a bit more but I stopped at 12. I also noticed that they both seeped out about the same amount of liquid when pressing. The old had a bit better rewet capacity. Just wondering who else may can campare the two. Is there a better diaper for those who are incontinence like me and are less money than the Comfidry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abestpcs View Post
    Is there a better diaper for those who are incontinence like me and are less money than the Comfidry.
    Unlikely. The confidry has a bit more pulp than some other diapers, it's got a ratio similar to bambino. There are other diapers with higher sap percentage but not as much padding, and the lack of pulp makes them harder to fully utilize, they're much more likely to leak unless wet very slowly after they're starting to get used. I'd say they have the best padding of any diaper. And there's a lot of it. (thick)

    Any other diaper you find is going to be lower quality even if it's cheaper. You're going to lose more in quality than you do in price. (ie less value)

    btw, it's confidry, not comfidry. as in CONFIdent and DRY.

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    Well there is a couple different brands. personally I really like the dry 24/7s whether it is the new ones or the old ones. I personally liked the feel of the old ones but the new ones are just as good. I also really like abena M/L 4 series. I have not had any problems and if I know that I am going to be needing to wear it for a while I will put a abena abrilet maxi in it

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