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Thread: ITS OFFICIAL: Making hypnosis :)

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    Default ITS OFFICIAL: Making hypnosis :)

    A lot of people have been wondering lately about what program that
    I used that caused me to be all babyish and start bedwetting and
    after I share the program it often gets confusion. Well I am a
    deejay on the side and I work with music creation so I am going to
    Create a complete baby track that can be UNIVERSAL. Yes it will be
    difficult but i hope it works. I did this only once before when I
    made a baby pony hypnosis, but even f it doesnt work it is worth a try


    Yes, the baby pony hypnosis I have first did was tested by 6 others on
    another MLP webstite who I was going to post but they are a bit shy
    to be named. I also unfortunately and sadly however, lost my other
    computer during a virus attack that had the file.... I might see if
    they still have it for you mlp fans. one of them, it did not work
    for, not a good ratio out of 6, but the other 5 called it "soothing"
    and one said "I was shaking I could not beleive it"

    Also. I will use a very soft environment. no pushing no anger no
    yelling no sudden harsh noizes or domination. soothing and as calm as

    I am totally with you guys. I am tired of the same old same old. It is
    always harsh, dominating and almost hurtful doing it like that I want
    something diffrent and nice and peacefully invigorating to the soal.
    I will keep you all up to date.

    FINALLY, yes I will post it on here, methods, warnings, disclaimers, ect.
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    You will be going number one anyway :p it is worth a try! Just don't rush, take your time, find the right soothe beats, and take it slow just like jazz music. Do you know how many tracks you will have and what emotional feelings you will put into this tape?

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    You perked my interest, kind of. The problem I have with a lot of hypnotist is they tend to use over dominate language in their tracks. Just thought I would throw it out there.

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    What's the first one that was successful?

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    Sounds great to me. Though I've never had any luck with hypnosis except when I was drunk enough to just relax and let it work instead of thinking too much.

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    Would love to hear more. I have not found anything I like yet. Chris Brown is the one I have listened to over and over. It helps me wet when he says it, but not unless I am playing it in my sleep would that work.

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    I am creating the scripts this weekend. I am very happy with all of the great comments. It helps me
    feel pumped up and ready making me want to give it my all. Thank you all of you for your kindness and
    I will continue it this weekend.

    Update: The background should be finished by Saterday night

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