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Thread: Diaper Sniper?

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    Default Diaper Sniper?

    Just when you wished that things couldn't be any weirder, it turns out the sniper who killed one Pennsylvania trooper and wounded another is leaving a trail of 'soiled diapers'?

    Authorities Find 'Soiled Diapers'

    Not the sort of attention we want, but it makes me you think the cops know where his stash of diapers is and do they have it staked out?

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    The guys a survivalist, and while I understand laying in one place for hours on end would benefit from diapers, would he really leave that kind of trail? Or for that matter, waste limited carrying space that could be used for food, ammo, what have you?
    I belive it's a police trick, commonly used to aggravate a criminal into making a mistake/ousting themselves.
    As to drawing attention to diaper wearers, I doubt viewers will be so quick to link the two.

    I would like them to catch the guy soon, too many people are being kept away from homes and hurt by him.

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    Yeah. I saw this headline yesterday. Of course, the question we all want to ask: What brand?

    In all seriousness, I hope the guy is nabbed soon. At one point, they were thinking he'd taken up residence in some huge old abandoned hotel. I pulled up pictures of the place and wowzers! I would NOT want to be the SWAT team trying to capture that place!

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    This was discussed on another ABDL site I belong to. The article seemed to make a big deal over the diapers rather than just a small mention however I never saw any mention on the TV news about them at all. We all know the Lisa Nowack NASA story of how she drove from Texas to Florida in a diaper so as not to have to stop and pee, so we know the networks are not against mentioning someone wearing diapers. My take is what is in a news article may not be true. Like that one old commercial says, "It's on the internet so it has to be true." I would have expected to hear about the diapers on the TV since all the networks have been talking about it every night, but I've heard nothing. Sure, the guy is a survivalist, however I don't believe he would wear diapers just so he could stay put for hours in one spot. Being in that same spot on the lookout for hours would, to me mean he is either not seeing anyone so he can get up to pee or crap, or he sees people looking for him but I'm sure those people are also not staying in the same spot. I just don't think a survivalist would sacrafice space in his backpack or duffle bag for disposable diapers when he could have packed food and emergency rations and survival gear. Even 2 or 3 diapers take up quite a bit of room. I also don't think he would pee and poo himself in a diaper either, not having a shower or place in the woods to really clean up properly. Diaper rash would set in and he would be in real trouble, not that he's not in real trouble as it is. Anyone who has had diaper rash or if it's been several hours since you changed a wet diaper without washing knows that your butt starts to burn a little and feels uncomfortable. Try sitting still in one spot with an irritated butt without squirming. Let's say he did find a stream or river to clean up in properly. I would think he would be a lot easier to find if he was cleaning his poopy butt naked in a stream or river and then once he gets out he has to put on a fresh diaper and redress himself. That would be a lot more exposure than just slipping behind a tree to pee or drop a qhick load. He's a killer and creep and I hope he gets whats comming to him. As AB/DL people we kind of would like to believe the story, but I just don't believe it about the diapers, not one little bit.

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    this is probably falsified attention, or if it is true, he is toying with them.
    He has caused pain to many and thinks it is all just a little video game
    and he will get a little jail time. its going to cost his life. and this will come back to him. Coward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrandonSleepypuppy View Post
    this is probably falsified attention, or if it is true, he is toying with them.
    He has caused pain to many and thinks it is all just a little video game
    and he will get a little jail time. its going to cost his life. and this will come back to him. Coward.
    More than a little jail time. I wouldn't say it's a little game he is playing. He probably had a reason for doing this horrible thing and everyone want's him behind bars. The way I see things this world has gone to hell because there are more serious crimes being committed than back in the 2,000's. I would like to know if he was encouraged to do this or if it was all a plan he had set up in the beginning. If you noticed the points it feels like it was a perfect time set up and he happens to run into the dense woods as his cover and he can't be found. Perfect hiding spot for his plan therefore I say it was planned.

    Everyone is looking in the dense forest where the suspect might or might not be instead of setting up more perimeter's around more area that need's to be watched. About 85% of everyone's eyes is focused in the forest where the exact or close proximity limit should be 50/50 where the forest and a 50 mile radius is being zoned out. I could be wrong and he is actually in the forest but is using like cat holes or burial dugouts as his hiding scheme and use that time to scope out the area to kill, or avoid any conflict with any other soldiers and hope the scene dies out and moves to another location.

    My prayers goes to the officer who was killed and I continue to hope that the soldier who was supposed to be a helping hand get's caught.

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    Last nights news said he has been seen in the area they are looking for him, but too far away for anyone to get a shot off. I'm hoping it was him and not someone else in the woods, or an innocent person could get shot by cops. They now say they have found home made pipe bombs with trip wires that they believe he forgot when he moved. Still no word on the TV news about finding used diapers. I don't think this is a game to him. I think something finally snapped inside and he went haywire. He may think he's in the army in Iraq and we are all the enemy! Maybe all the news about ISIS got to him. I just think he snapped somehow and may not even realize the cop he shot was just a cop. Maybe he does know everyone searching for him is doing so because he shot a cop, but maybe he thinks we are all ISIS agents after his head or something. I hope they get hiom soon without any more loss of life.

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