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Thread: Rate the last movie you watched

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    Default Rate the last movie you watched

    Apologies if this has been done before, but I couldn't see it anywhere in recent pages. Anyway, I'll start.

    Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012) - 4/5

    A really unique relationship story, which is funny and sweet whilst eschewing the traditional Hollywood rom-com ending. Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones (who I love in 'Parks & Rec') have really great on-screen chemistry. One or two jokes which didn't quite work, but all in all a really fun and quite heartwarming movie.

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    Okeej, well;

    Calvary 5/5

    Excellent atmosphere, typical and fairly realistic representation of the inland of Ireland, good actors, a basic story fitting right into the film without getting "expectable". Also showcasing a very modern and actual social and societal contrast and the movie is really magnificient in portraying that.

    I like this kind of "cult" movies.

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