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Thread: Tasty food from your region.

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    Default Tasty food from your region.

    Seeing as ADISC seems to have members from such varied and interesting parts of the world, I thought it might be a nice idea for the foodies among us to post a delicious food that comes from their area - be it a dessert from your hometown, a much-loved dish from your state, or something totally unique from your country.

    I'll start with the Eccles Cake, from my hometown Manchester (the English one). It's a lovely sweet pastry filled with currants and topped with whole cane sugar. They were first created sometime in the late 18th century.

    Note: I've not worked out how to embed images on here, so for now I've just posted a link to a rather large and hunger-inducing picture of an Eccles Cake!

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    This is probably one of my favorite dishes ^^
    I guess you can eat it all year round, but it seems to be pretty common during the Christmas month whenever people are having their Family-get-togethers...amongst other dishes that is.

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    IN the northwest USA it has to be the fresh seafood and the availability of some Game. There is a lot of places that sell Buffalo Elk and Venison. If you have connections there is always hunters that will trade game for can goods.

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    I know this will sound strange or trite, but in central Virginia, we have some of the best craft beer breweries. Devil's Backbone has won both national and international awards, as have several others.

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    Lafayette, La. Cajun cuisine anyone? Boudin, crackling, jambalaya, gumbo, ettouffè, and don't forget about chocolate doberge cake.

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    Every kind of tasty cheese you can imagine and as many varieties of fresh sausage to match. And the beer isn't bad either!!

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    One of my favourite dishes my nana used to cook that I now make from time to time is pieroggi (polish dumplings)
    The outside is basic just flour egg and milk and a pinch of salt, mixed to dough then rolled into thin little circles.
    Then pop a bit of filling onto the little circles and pinch the sides together around the filling, they then get boiled, and when youre ready to eat them you pop them in a frypan to crisp them up.
    My favourite fillings are,,
    Diced green apple with about a quarter teaspoon of sugar,,
    Mashed potato fried bacon and onion mixed to make that filling,,
    Spinach and fetta,,
    And sauerkraut with bacon and onion (I cant make these ones as good as nana used to!)
    Im getting hungry just thinking of them now *drools*

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    I live in Milton Keynes, and there isn't really a traditional local food that's eaten in North Buckinghamshire that I'm aware of. However, I did a google search, and I found a recipe on a BBC food blog for something called a 'Buckinghamshire Bacon Badger.' It doesn't actually contain any badger, but is in fact a kind of bacon roly-poly pudding....
    I'm not sure I fancy it particularly to be honest.

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    The first thing from NZ that comes to mind is the pavlova.

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    Well, most of us probably know us by this ;

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image013.jpg 
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    Salted herring.

    But, besides the French, we are very popular for our cheeses, and have a wide variety of them, like the Gouda cheese below. Of course the second largest beer producer in the world has some beers up it's sleeve.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Most will know this one; But the best beers there are come from our South and Flanders. Abby beers with recipé dating back to the 14th/13th century, as a traditional church business these days. Worth a trip, and a delight everytime.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Heineken_visual-identity-packaging-design_dBOD_04-950x600.jpg 
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    Rye bread, thin bread made from rye (really good with herring and onions, also very healthy)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	roggebrooddonker.jpg 
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    And a syrup waffle as a treat with the coffee;

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stroopwafel-voor-boven-pagina.jpg 
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    Also a very Dutch candy, liquorice;

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dropzoet.jpg 
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    As for meals, snert;

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	snert.jpg 
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    (It tastes better than it looks).

    And there is a lot more. But this is already some.

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