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Thread: Has anyone ever wore diapers to make somone else feel better?

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    Default Has anyone ever wore diapers to make somone else feel better?

    so here's my story, before christmas i was seeing my girlfriend for about 6 months, and she asked me if i had done anything werid as a kid i said "well i think we all do werid stuff as a kid lol" anyhow she told me some stuff i didnt really find any of it werid, just immature kid stuff. Later in bed i told her that there was thing i was just to embassered to tell her. she was like " what is it" i told her that i used to wear diapers with my cousin when i would stay at his house because he was a bedwetter, i did that till i was 12. I was scared but she thought it was really sweet of me to do that. Then she asked if i liked it. And i in turn said Yeah. Thats when she asked " i wonder what they feel like" a week later got some depends and she's liking it. But my question is has anybody else wore diapers for somelse.

    P.S that's how i became a dl

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    Depends? Sir, I don't believe your gf knows "what they feel like" yet.

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    lol well she came over with a a new pak last week cause we ran out. She doesnt really know there's a DL comuntiny yet.

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    Are you sure she does not know there is a DL community out there yet? Maybe she is a DL/AB and trying to get you turned on to it too.

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    I used to have a good friend named Zack when I was 14. I think he was 10 years old last time I saw him. Anyway he was a bed wetter, and I found his pull up diapers under his bathroom sink. I did feel bad for him, because he was the only one in the entire apartment complex I lived in that wet the bed. I ended up sharing my deep dark secret of always wanting to wear diapers again. He didn't seem to care about that, but he hated wetting the bed every night, and wearing diapers. I ended up buying a package of Goodnites and wore them over to his house for a sleepover. I think he felt better knowing he had a friend like me.

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    Hey, have any of you guys posted in the Greetings/Intro thread yet?
    Plus, I suggest to you, goodnites1, to maybe look around a little bit more, and get to know the place before posting something like this, okay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnites1 View Post
    why whats the problem?
    Not against you, but we been having a couple member calling BS over stuff like this because they have nothing better to do.

    Anyway back to topic, I have once because my ex was a bedwetter. I wore them for her to make her feel better because she didn't like wearing them (she only wore to keep the bed and me from getting wet during the night).

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    I have not though if it would make a friend feel better i would.

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    Can't say I ever did. I always thought it was just an element you frequently find in stories.

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