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Thread: two submissives= ??

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    Default two submissives= ??

    okay so I have finally been able to admit to a guy I have been interested in that I like being tied up, but he responded with "me? tie you up? but I like it when you call the shots..." he then said he would be open to Me tying him up... we cant both be submissive can we??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    Can you be more elaborate on what you mean by "tying someone up?"
    Im fairly sure OP is talking about bondage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pianissima View Post
    Im fairly sure OP is talking about bondage
    Zipperless already confirmed what he meant. That's why I changed it. I was having a "derp" moment.

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    As I might add is this some way of new love?
    yes it is but we have been friends for what seems like forever! but no he doesn't want to call the shots he wants me to but thanks for the tip on taking turns any suggestions on how I can broach that idea without hurting his ego?

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    Both of you can take turns. You could set up days where y'all wanna be kinky or however you want. From what you are saying, sounds like you wanna be tied up and he want's to call the shots I guess he want's to do it as well and get in on with the fun. Both of you can be tied either separately, together, or you can share turns. It's possible.

    As I might add is this some way of new love? I remember where someone would share a cookie but this kinky stuff can be weird nowadays o.o but I shouldn't talk.

    As I said above just move in relax turns and work out a way to do what you desire with tie up's. If one does the tieing while the other doesn't then it's obviously not fair and something should be worked out. Needs to be 50/50 and share the same equivalent as you would want it as well. I think if he wants to do it badly and you want to as well then you both should do it at the same time.

    Now about approaching him...It's easy. Calmly approach him and speak what is on your mind. If he trust's you, then he will understand. True friends will not ruin any kind of ego if you are completely honest with the dude. Guy's like girls who are honest same goes for the females towards the men. You can give out pointers like these for example

    • I would like to talk to you for a second.
    • Hey! Do you mind if we chat for a second?
    • I would like to talk if you don't mind!

    Sounds like either a fetish or a way of connecting/bonding type of standard. If you really don't want to push him, then go light with him on the idea

    • Reason I prefer we each get the satisfaction because I like it the same as you but I would like to be equal with this.
    • Might sound funny but if you are calling the shots, then so should I? I am human just like anyone else?
    • I think we should come up with a way for both of us to enjoy like say...being separate with the ideas and putting them together, we can both be tied up like together or be next to each other.

    It's all about the trick you play on him. If one does it, then the other who is closer to the person sometimes will do it to please one another or will want to be just like him/her. Give it a try,
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    In addition to the good suggestions Snivy offers, I suggest you go first, Beth. It seems like you're taking the lead in setting this up and in confiding to him, so it might be nice for both of you in getting into this if you take the dominant position first. You can make it clear to him that you want to be in the other position too and you're confident that he can learn from what you're doing and do a good job so that you both get a chance to have the experience that you want.

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    You might want to ask, what happens after he is tied up. Since you both seem unsure about this, sitting down and talking it through might be helpful. Everyone has a different idea where bondage is concerned.

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    thank you all sooo much this is really helping! I feel a little weird initiating things but I guess there is always a first time for everything!

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