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Thread: how do you know if you're a babyfur.

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    Default how do you know if you're a babyfur.

    How do you know if you're a babyfur?

    I ask this because every know and again I feel this weird addition to my backside. It felt like a phantom set of tails along with the ears on top of my head. I knew it wasn't real, but it had an odd feel to it.

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    The basic definition of a furry is a person who enjoys media containing anthropomorphic animals, that is, animals with human characteristics, like walking on two legs. A babyfur is basically the adult-baby version of a furry - they like baby anthropomorphic animals. There's an article here on ADISC that might help you out:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Definition of Babyfur (Cited from google)
    A babyfur is a member of the furry fandom who enjoys roleplaying younger characters. They may also be an Adult Baby and/or Diaper Lover (collectively known as AB/DLs), or is otherwise involved in Infantilism. There are many different types of furs in the babyfur community, each focusing on different aspects and roles.
    More about it here:

    From my definition: A babyfur is a member who act's little and pretends to be a cub while of course engaging in activities. (Not animals trapped in human bodies) It could be we pretend to be a baby tiger while we drink from our bottle or pretend to be a kitty and scratch our foreheads everyday it's kinda like roleplaying but it's more imminent than that, it's more like a personal feeling that connects on the inside. Most of us that like this "Fursona" uses it as our gas, oil, energy, a way of keeping us alive of happiness and enjoyment just like if you fuel up your car it'll keep moving as you tell it to unless it runs out of gas.

    It's not something you make happen, it's something you discover on your own and at your own pace. It's something you should not feel ashamed off but proud of yourself because it's rare to come across this feeling. Might sound ridiculous but when people want to indulge in this activity and they feel something is wrong, they are missing the plug, spark, etc. All you have to do is figure out how you are a babyfur yourself and take a test. Just like I missed my signs always reading babyfur comics and being in "little" stages while just goofing off and put two and two together and became a "babyfur" myself. Took a while to do so but I was glad I discovered it before I lived a lie the rest of my life. If you want to know more about it then just read the wiki above and it will tell you more about it.

    The way you are feeling is nothing right or wrong, it's how YOU are feeling. If you want to experiment then just let it roll and see where the wind takes you with this. It won't take forever but maybe a few days up to weeks to settle down and make your final decision. Might I suggest gathering some info on what is it that you enjoy the most and comparing to the animal that does the same qualities as you do sometimes. In the babyfur book (I think) there are certain animals that do a set of things like a tiger is fast if you love to run and be fast with simple tasks. It's also measured in your favorite color's and food (Animals sometimes eats other animals so don't get into that mess ^^) Do a compare and contrast (Bubble chart) and also mark down some of the simple and advance stuff you might come across. Once you find what you have been experiencing and it's a match, then the mark of the beast inside is what you are experiencing.

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    Snivy, that answer fits me quite well. The only things I would add to that from my own experiences are that I have had my "being a big cat" from a very early age. (about 6 years old) and that feeling grew as I did. I often open the cage and let out my inner cat every day and for longer periods when I am with others of a similar ilk. I am convinced that I was a Tiger in a previous life and that some of this inner being is with the human part of me today. Neither of us is trapped inside of the other but both parts of me make a whole.
    I bet some of you think I am totally loopy now, but just see what happens if you dangle a piece of string or a long length of kitchen roll infront of me. Yep, I pounce it, grab it with my front paws and chew it. Etc.
    This inner tiger is a lot deeper than it is with most humans, I would LOVE to be with a Tiger, or a Lion, and chuff, moan and growl, rub. etc. The list would go on.

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    The quickest definition of a babyfur is "baby" referring to am adult baby. And the word "fur" which short for Furry. Furries are people who enjoy anthropomorphic creatures (animals with human-like qualities). So if you like animals that are human like, but are aged younger like babies and toddlers, you're pretty much a babyfur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiddles View Post
    Keep listing! I would love to hear more ^^
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    Sometimes it is just the feel of being accepted into a community. I originally did not feel like I was a diaper fur but when I got around a big group of them I felt like I was accepted and it felt right so that is how I knew for sure

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    You should have been up to bat, it might have felt uncomfortable of course but I bet'cha it feels calming now.

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    **wags tail happily and hops up sucking on my paw* NO IDEA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrandonSleepypuppy View Post
    **wags tail happily and hops up sucking on my paw* NO IDEA!
    Umm... ok!

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