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Thread: Full mat diapers?

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    Default Full mat diapers?

    I have seen some of the "full mat" diapers on websites, where they claim the padding extends further into the diaper. This to me sounds very enticing.

    Any opinions on these? What's the thickest and best brand?

    Thickess-wise, I know they will not beat my M4 or Molis, but to have "full padding" (if that's really what it is?) would be great!

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    First Quality who makes Prevail seems to be the ones that are promoting this. I agree in theory, it would make sense to have greater coverage of the padding (they call mat). But if the diaper is thin or of a lesser absorbancy (like the Prevails generally are), you don't have any advantage that the premium brands have with a thicker, yet narrower pad. Semantics for the sake of advertising, not function or absorbancy.

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