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Thread: when company is coming over...

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    Default when company is coming over...

    Two friends just left, they stopped over to chat and to test some gear they just bought. It got me thinking, I wonder what variety of reactions the other DLs here have when company is heading over and you're padded?

    Do you quick strip down and put on more "adult clothes"? Just slip on pants/shorts and a long T (that's what I do) or something else?

    I find I'm typically pretty at ease, though I do get a little more self-conscious with thing like bending over. I bet a few of you would be more than mortified if unexpected company shows up at the door and catches you diapered even if properly covered...

    More than once I've arranged for company shortly after getting off work. "I'll get home around 5, give me time to unpack and get changed, be here around 5:30?"

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    For me it all depends, no pun intended, on who the company is. If it's relatives I'm more likely to change into adult clothes than say if it's friends or the wife's co-workers. Relatives tend to stay longer and hug, whereas friends don't. Whoever I wear around always sees me in nylon shorts or pants, the kind that make the swishy sound, with a long t-shirt that covers most of my behind. As far as I know no one has been able to tell I'm diapered. If they have they've kept it to themselves. I also try and not do a lot of moving around to give them multiple views.

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    I live with my family, and I wear at home on occasion. Mostly jeans and a long shirt are fine. I'll throw a robe on over shorts if I was wearing to bed and need to leave my room for something.

    If someone wants to go somewhere unexpectedly, I'll make some excuse about going to change my shirt or somesuch, then quickly change back to underwear in my room. While I wear outside of the house all the time, I don't like doing so when I don't have full control over the situation.

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    I've had friends or family just show up out of the blue when I'm diapered, usually on the weekend. I'll either go and change if it's obvious, or tough it out if I'm not obvious.

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    I have the lucky situation of guests needing to sign in at my building several floors below where I live, or calling me to come down and escort them in. Either way, if someone were to show up unexpectedly, I'd have a moment to strip and change. For expected guests, I pretty much always try to change out of my diaper, shower, and put on fresh clothes before greeting them because I think it's more courteous.

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    I don't live alone and I'm not 24/7 or anything. Many years ago when I did have the house to myself, I would be in my shirt and diapers. I'd always remove the diapers and get dressed if it was a friend or family member who came over. I'd probably not worry too much opening the door for a delivery, UPS or FED-EX and I sure wouldn't care one little bit if the Jahovah's came to the door while I was in a diaper! The only thing is, the neighbors and roomates and stuff. Even if I had the house to myself, you never know if a UPS man or delivery guy might spill the beans. "I forgot this other package when I was here yesterday and talked with the guy who wears diapers." I just keep my diapers to myself. No need to take a chance on discovery with close friends and neighbors.

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    My cat tends to drag the boxes out of the closet so most of my friends have seen my diapers. They know I'm a DL but it's a complete non-issue. It's just another hobby like the many we all have. I've never been diapered around them and I would never deliberately involve them in anything like that. But I wouldn't change out of them if they were coming over.

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    If I'm around friends and things, or at work, I tend to just snap on a white onesie and put my normal adult clothes over it. Since I wear often most of the day, I usually have enough onesies to keep things hidden. Using onesies really knocks out a lot of the anxiety and most of the problems people talk about on here about bending over and things. I live in the south, so I tend to use onesies that are a lot lighter weight than most, they also stretch a bit, so the onesie pretty much disappears for me anyway comfort-wise.

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    I'm married, so if it's just my wife coming home unexpectedly then I just tell her hello and hop into the shower really fast. She gets it.

    If it's unexpected non-wife company, and I'm just wet, not usually a problem. Baggy pants ftw.

    If I'm messy I won't answer the door under ANY circumstances.

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    sweat pant and shirt cover every thing up, if it's a very crinkly diaper ill put rubber pants over to quiet it.

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