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Thread: Have you ever attended a "Little Get-Together/Munch/Convention/Etc"?

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    Default Have you ever attended a "Little Get-Together/Munch/Convention/Etc"?

    CapCon is about four hours away from me and I was considering going this year. But its a fair amount of money and I'm not sure if it would even be worth it?
    Has anyone had any experience with such things? What was your general opinion?

    Are there other ones worth checking into?

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    I also would like to go to one. My girlfriend loves going out and maybe she'd be down to meet at one to get more acquainted with the ab/dl community

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    I've been to a couple of the Diaper Fest parties/gatherings back when those happened in the late 2000s. In that case, we had run of a ski lodge in Vermont (the owner was an ABDL and we did it between seasons when he would otherwise have been closed) for a long weekend. There was partying, playing, all sorts of fun. The bigger one was over 100 in attendance. It was a great opportunity to meet lots of really cool people, some of whom I remain friends with now, and to explore my ABDL side much more. With that many people, it was pretty easy to bond with people I thought were cool, and even then I probably didn't get a chance to meet others.

    I will say that such a large gathering was also my first real meeting with others of any kind, and it was almost overwhelming for a minute. I'm reasonably extroverted, so meeting new people and all that wasn't the problem. It was more of figuring out how to act, what was acceptable, how not to be a prude, et cetera.

    I say give it a go! Chances are good you'll meet at least a couple of cool people.

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    I've been to a several "munches," with attendance varying from half a dozen to nearly twenty. As a rather private DL, even the slightest exhibitionism on the part of others there made me a little uncomfortable at first, but I got over that quickly. Really, everybody was always very respectful, and there was plenty of non-AB/DL conversation to go around. I always sort of enjoyed asking myself, "If I ran into this person anywhere else, would I know he was a baby?" In most cases the answer was no, but there were a few...

    In the end, though, I decided that these get-togethers weren't really my thing. My shyness about wearing diapers remains stubbornly persistent, and so I prefer keeping it to myself. In real life, anyway.

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    I would honestly love to attend one, but I don't know how to go about doing that/ensuring that I would be safe. I've heard of "Munches" but I'm unsure of the protocol. If possible, I might attend one out of baby attire but bring it with me, to see how comfortable I'd feel.

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    From what I've heard, most munches are non-exhibitionistic. A group of ABDL's meet up in a public place like an all-you-can-eat buffet and just have food together. They'll talk about ABDL things, and might even be wearing under their clothes, but don't wear obviously ABDL clothing to the restaraunt. Just google little's munch or abdl munch and you should be able to find websites for them.

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    I've been to littles' munches in two different cities. Both groups were welcoming and easy to approach. Surprisingly (to me), both groups had a roughly 50-50 gender ratio.

    I think that if there's a munch in your area, it's worth going, even if you ultimately decide that the group isn't your cup of tea. Perhaps I'm naive, but I really don't see a safety issue here. Munches tend to be held in public, at inexpensive restaurants, for lunch (i.e. in daylight), at a time when the restaurant isn't super-busy. As I see it, the worst thing that can realistically happen is that you don't enjoy yourself and you're out a little bit of money and a few hours of your time. More likely, you'll find at least a couple of people you enjoy talking with.

    Most littles' munches have a pretty clear etiquette about what to wear: clothes need to be appropriate for an adult to wear on the street. Wearing diapers under your clothes is fine. Wearing a T-shirt with a cartoon character on it would be OK. Leave obvious AB clothes at home.

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    I was just at a camp out in Maine there were about 20 people there all I wore was just a diaper most of the time

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