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Thread: Pull-Ups from other regions

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    Default Pull-Ups from other regions

    Has anybody seen these Pull-Ups in the market, apparently they're sold in Mexico

    They have Marvel Super Hero designs on them!
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    They might be redoing their designs and we'll be seeing these in Canada and the USA soon. ...this could just be a Mexico thing as well...I've seen them have different designs for different countries before.

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    Walgreens sells training pants with DC super heroes on them
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    I have seen those Pull-Ups in photos online. Never seen them in person but wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pack of the girls' ones. The designs look more like the older U.S. Pull-Ups which I prefer over the newer ones. Maybe they will make their way here someday.

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    Walgreens sells training pants with DC super heroes on them
    If you know anything about comic book fans, there is a thick line some fans have drawn between Marvel and DC characters. Whatever you do, do NOT confuse the two unless you want to get lectured by a comic book fan.

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