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Thread: Best Diaper for the money?

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    Default Best Diaper for the money?

    Hey guys, I just came into a bit of money recently, so I've been looking around for some good diapers. I love using the Tranquility ATN's as they've worked great for me in the past, although I kinda want to go out and try new things. I've used Tena pull ups, Tena Classic Plus, and other various Tranquility products. I've also tried some Bambino's, but they're much too expensive for my tastes.

    The thing is, I'd like to keep the price per diaper at around the same price range as the Tranquility ATN. If at all possible, I'd like it to be more absorbent and plastic-backed.

    I've been doing this for a few years, so I know a good deal about what to buy and what not to, but I'd love to hear what you guys think! What are some good diapers I can buy for a good price?

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    For the money, I too like the ATN's and have not found anything else to my liking in that price range. Getting plastic backed diapers are hard enough to find as it is. As a bonus, add a booster and they really hold a lot. Otherwise for max protection and longevity (at a higher price of course), for me it's the new Dry 24/7.

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    You can also try the XP Medical diaper. It's a premium like diaper and I heard they improved on them quite a bit since.

    You can also try Total Dry as found on Bambino's website.
    You can also give Dependeco cloth diapers a try. They are also fun and you can customize the thickness of it and you won't have to worry about wasting a diaper. It will help in the long run with budget issues.

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    Usually for rich people- they prefer Bambino Bellissimo's

    Usually for average people- they prefer Abena M4's

    Usually for regular people- they prefer Molicare Superplus

    Usually for poor people- they use baby diapers

    It depends what kind of diaper you want to invest your money in. The way I look at things, the more you spend, the more it will absorb. Usually the expensive diapers contain the millions of cotton and SAP the diapers have to offer pretty much. My opinion I think you should go for the Abena M4's if you want an average diaper to start off. A starter diaper with leak guards, odor lock protection, can hold multiple wettings, awesomely discreet(In case you are those people that are strict with privacy) and double taped in case you happen to put it on wrong.

    That is what I would prefer to you if you are picky on prices and these things have a limited range but an awesome product that really absorbs that you can spend cheap for. Kinda like that new Boost mobile commercial "Double the date while dropping the price" Kinda like in this range but instead of phones we are talking about diapers right?!?!

    If you want to put some serious cash down then go for the Bellissimo's because little bit expensive but one diaper a day can really set a whole new record for you no matter what you are doing. This thing will hold for you like 9-12 hours tops and some people stretch the time limit which I would recommend but they do hahaha That's a real diaper but the M4 is the same thing just looks all medically because the Bellissimo feels like a true baby diaper with it's feel, baby tape, and the way it looks. I haven't got them yet but it isn't too late for you.

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    Go for the M4s. They are IMO the best average for absorbency/price. You should also look at those NorthShoreCare kind, the're like M4s but slightly less quality and graphics.

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    I would say XP Medical's Absorbency Plus are the best VALUE for the money. They aren't the highest quality, but that's not what you were asking for. Some of the above replies are favoring quality over value.

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    Agreeing with the other posters that if you liked ATNs, you'll like the XP medical diaper.

    The level 4 is a bit loud, lacks leak guards, and the older revision doesn't have refastenable tapes, but is currently on sale if you buy a half case.

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    The XP medical ones will be the cheaper options if you want poly backed. Lower range diapers these days are becoming more cloth backed. I personally don't like the fit of ATNs but they also fit like the medium absorbency plus ones. So if they fit you fine, they might work for you. I don't mind the regular size they just made. These days I just stick with superio, abena m4, and probably the new north shore ones that are amazing. You get what you pay for. If you dont wear for long periods, ATN would be ok. I find they hold less than the aforementioned diapers.

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    I think the Wellness Superior diapers are pretty awesome and cost effective when you get them on sale. Seems like my last case was around $1 per diaper which is a fairly low price for such a high quality product.

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    (The standard wellness diaper is junk. Don't waste your money on it.)

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