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Thread: WikiHow on Diaper Addiction

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    Default WikiHow on Diaper Addiction

    I don't even know where to begin. I googled "putting a diaper on yourself," and the link below popped up. Can anyone tell if it's satire, or a joke, or what? I'm sure at some point, diaper wearing can actually be an addiction and not a healthy outlet, but for most of the things listed, it seems to suggest that basically being AB/DL is a problem. Can people just post whatever whatever they want on WikiHow? Here's the link.'v...-(As-an-Adult)

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    Hi Mad. Just to start off, I have no respect for Wiki. Anyone can post there as indicated by the notice in the lower right hand corner at the bottom of the link. There are people out there who think we are all nuts for wearing diapers so it could have been one of them. They really didn't talk bad about us, just that it could be an addiction. Who knows. They may be right. But if getting a feeling of security and tranquility from a diaper is an addiction than I guess I am.

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    WTF ! A load of crap and word's I can't post here

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    either someone trolling who someone who watch one of those jerry springer type shows and has no idea what for they speak.

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    WTF? Is there anyway to remove this webpage or edit it so that it disappears? SO inaccurate...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinobaby View Post
    WTF? Is there anyway to remove this webpage or edit it so that it disappears? SO inaccurate...
    This is just some sort of a bad joke.

    It doesn't even seem to be related to ABDLism. Just big nonsense, and there is so many of that on the internet, so why bother about it?

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    That's not new. It's basically an attempt at humor and not worth freaking out about. If you actually skim it, it's obvious that they're not serious (or so deeply misinformed that it's humorous anyway).

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    I was hoping it was very badly done satire or something, but it seems like something that should be removed if that is possible. Anyone struggling with any of the desires or feelings mentioned there could be harmed by its being there.

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    It must be a joke because the logic and progression of diaper wearing isn't even consistent. It really is just a load of crap.

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