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Thread: what diapers should I buy

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    Default what diapers should I buy

    Im poor, I need to restock, and ill have a bit extra $$ $ ndxt konth, what case combo should I get.
    Optipn 1.
    2 cases of abena m4 and half case of dry 2/7
    Option. 2. 1 case of each.
    Option 3. 2 case abena 1 case of dry24/7

    Thanks for feedback

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    I would say a case of each. I they to only buy case quantities because it is the lowest price per diaper and I like a variety.

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    Go for the first option, I use the M4s more often. The D24/7s are a bit expensive but IMO are a must to have.

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    I usually keep an even variety on hand so I don't run low on anything in particular. I switch up what I wear frequently so I never know what I might have a run on. I'd say go 50/50

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    I think im gonna get 3 cases of m4 and a half case of dry 24/7

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    Should get a whole case of Dry 24/7. Also some diaper booster pads.

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    I'm bringing dry 24/7 with me on my honeymoon. They sound perfect for the job.

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    Well, I ordered today, im gettin 3 cases of abena m4 and a sample of absorbancy+ level 4. I may get a half case of 24/7 next week, but that depends on my $$. Oh and I did get a pack of depends today to use as stuffers for my remaining abeans. Untill I get restocked.

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    I never felt the need to stuff an Abena M4. That must get huge...

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