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Thread: How Did You Come Up With Your Character?

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    Default How Did You Come Up With Your Character?

    The answer to mine is p retry straight forward. I love lop eared bunnies. I think they are so adorable. Actually I have two separate babyfur characters. My original babyfur character is a Care Bear by the name of Snug-a-Lot Bear. So technically depending on my mood, I flip flop between the two. But I stay more in my bunny fursona nowadays.

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    I copied my cat and then added white in random spots, because I'm a suuuuper uncreative person and really bad at designs!

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    At least it's a character of some sort. *hugs Gumball*

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    Never really was a diaper wearer for fun. Loved wearing funpals and cartoon underwear. Joined the site after having a real accident one night (had them about every 6 months or so) that was a little worse then most. Always pictured myself more as an Adult Kid vs an Adult Baby. After joining and understanding more I come to find out I am actually between a Kid and a Baby (Toddler) so I am good with both diapers and underwear.

    Never changed it after joining.

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    I didn't mean your personal state. I meant as a Furry kind of thing.

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    I don't have a diaperfur character per se. At least not yet. My fursona is fully grown and not a diaper wearer. My forum icon is just some art I happened to like that matched my species. :3

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    Thank you all for replying. Let's keep this thread rolling.

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    My adult fursona is a red fox as well, so the species was already covered :3
    I'm not sure why I picked the name Snowball though, but I thought it sounded cute. I kept his fur to just red and White because of that name too.
    White ears, paws, tail tip and chest/stomach/you know what I mean. ^^
    I haven't decided an age for him though, sometimes he's just a grown fox wearing a diaper, other times he might be a four year old kit. It all depends on my mood. :3

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