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Thread: anyone play runescape on here:P?

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    Default anyone play runescape on here:P?

    anyone here play runescape? :P

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    I played it for the longest time, and quit shortly after nex came out.

    came back for a little while last year, and was disappointed by how empty it was.

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    I haven't played Runescape in yeeeeeears. I was like lvl 75 on my main

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    Is that still a thing? Last time I heard that game mentioned was coming up to around 10 years ago now!

    Anyway, no its not the game for me. I did try it back then and I just couldn't get into it.

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    I use to play it when it was $5 a month. My toon was around 90. Then in 2007 I switch to Lotro. then in 2014 I switch to Elite Dangerous.

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    I played it for years, through middle school. I played it again summer before last, and it was entertaining. I finally got my magic to lvl 99, so that was fun. Some of the quest lines have gotten really good.

    These days, though, I simply don't have enough time for MMOs. Too much grinding, when I can get quicker entertainment from a traditional RPG.

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    I used to play till they started doing major changes to it then i quit lol

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