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Thread: How to experience incontinence safely?

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    Default How to experience incontinence safely?

    For a long time, I've been attempting to plan a several day long (or longer) experiment to try to experience what life with IC must be like. However, as I've never experienced it myself, I don't really know how I would best simulate it to try to fully understand the struggles involved. I am not looking for any of those kooky ideas with catheters, simply a way to live "A day in the life of an IC".

    I would love to hear your honest thoughts on what I could do that would make the experience as educational as possible. Even just hearing about some real world experiences you've had might help. I'm not considering this just to get that DL high going. I actually really want to try and empathize with what incontinence must be like, for all of its highs (if any) and lows.

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    I did the same experiment but with a catheter.
    Since you don't want to use a catheter (understandably) there is only this you can do.
    just go in the diapers 24/7 and use it as intended. Go shopping, take a drive, do all things you would normally do. Just remember to bring extra diapers with you. Never hold back, even if it means overflooding the diapers just because you forgot to change into fresh ones. leaks are a part of beeing incontinent until you learn when to change the diaper. You can bring extra clothes with you in a backpack if you wish.

    In short:
    Wear diapers
    Use diapers for the intended reasons (if you don't like to do nr. 2, don't)
    Always bring extras if you're not sure if it will hold for whatever activity you're doing.
    Change the diapers in public places (not openly, use the public toilets)
    Be discreet and don't show off diapers, incontinent ppl rarly do that.
    Oh.. If you meet a friend/relative.. Above rules apply.. if you gotta go to the potty, use the one you're wearing. Incontinent ppl can't choose when to go.

    I would recommend atleast 1 full day and 1 full night, although you will get better experience with 2 or more days

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    Great advice given already -as an IC male I would say that is as pretty close as you will get -the important thing is not to hold back and to try and not be conscious of your need to go -that will be hard as you still have bladder control and your body will want to trigger a toilet trip -a few days might not be enough -a week will be better as days 5-7 will be the most realistic ones as you will be more comfortable and relaxed with the idea

    I really applaud you for genuinely wanting to have an understanding -good luck and let me know how you get on

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    I'm in agreement with everyone else here, make sure you have an with you at all times and maybe some fresh clothes just in case, I remember last semester in college I sprung a leak in the library while studying in the cubicals waiting for my friend to get out of class because I was driving him home, embarrassing walking out, it's all part of the incontinence thing. Even though I don't have full blown incontinence oab can make able to not make it to the bathroom at any moment even when your with your friends. Don't try to show them off either you want to spare your dignity. I believe there where a couple of people who know about me wearing to college as they sit behind me, not easy to sit through a class when a sudden strong urge hits you ever 5 minutes. To gain the experience as others said just let go even if you don't think they will hold. It's hard to be ninja too in public bathrooms, I just try and get it done instead of standing there waiting for people to get out, don't worry about the noise people generally don't care, just my personal experiences

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    Thanks for the advice so far! I can see how a longer period of time would be a more realistic experience. However, my main problem is that at college, I'm involved in lots of athletics and uniform-related activities. Should I just wait until a school break, or would the occasional gap day not ruin the experiment? Should I try to make it work, even through all of the sports? I know the one other big problem I'll have once I start and get past day 2 or 3 is sticking to the plan even after the shock and awe of the experience wear off (I have tried to do a 24/7 week once before with about 3 days of success before stopping). I need to find some motivation or encouragement or accountability to stick it through.

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    It is OK to skip the diapers when doing athletics in pubplic and to not wearing while in uniform.
    But use the diapers before and after to keep the realism up for the experiment. If you got a full day where you can not wear, sleep in diapers the night before, change out of them before going on that activity and get back in the diapers as soon as you are done with those activities.

    If you are training/working out in private you should keep the diapers on. Remember, IC people do not have an option to wear when they want to or not.

    About the "shock and awe experience" you really should wear for longer than this period as you will then get far more experience of how much of a chore wearing diapers really are.

    As for motivation on keep beeing diapered on this experiment there are several options on this. Perhasps a note in your wallet with the writing "It's for the experience, not the joy". Write something that can be read by others without them understanding what is really going on. And make the note so you have to see it or move it when paying for stuff.

    And one last thing. When you are totally demotivated to continuing weraring diapers, just say.. just 1 more day before I end the experiment
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    It will certainly be an eye-opener for you, I am sure! I applaud your interest in seeing what it is "really like" to try and cope with IC issues full time, it is not easy, and requires much pre-planning in whatever you plan on for that day. Enjoy it as much as you can, even though it will be a pain! When the urge arrives, don't hold back, and have plenty of spares, change materials, and as I always have in my trunk, an extra bag of extra everything, just in case!

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    If you don't mind my asking, what kind of diapers do people generally use when working out? I will soon have some Bambinos which I could use for the experience, but I could stock up on something different if it would make the experience more realistic.

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    Any main run brands .
    Attends, Abena , Tena ,dry24/7 , comficare , Kolibri, Cloth etc
    Bambinos are more an AB/Dl diaper

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    I would love to try cloth for the experiment, though I have no idea where to buy them or what kind people actually use. Aren't they primarily for overnight usage?

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