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Thread: Sissy Baby/Toddler Clothes Where Are They!

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    Default Sissy Baby/Toddler Clothes Where Are They!

    So it's much more fun to have girly clothes to with our diapers. Anyone know of a place to get good girl-themed clothing for babies or toddlers! In particular I'm looking for onesies, shirts and bottoms but everything I find is ultra sissy - with bows and satin etc. anyone know of a place that has cotton tshirts and things like that for toddlers/baby girls? Trying to avoid the satin stuff I keep running into.

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    You can always try ebay. There seems to be quite a few cute things on there.

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    You could always just try ebay as suggested, or you can go to google and just search what you are wanting under the shop tab.

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    Been trying those but keep coming up with lots of satin stuff
    The best I've been able to find is privatina.ue everything is incredibly cute but expensive.

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    You can also find some stuff on Etsy now and then!

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    There are lots of stores on eBay that sell things with cotton or other washable materials, you just have to look a little harder. Also, there are lots of versions of the lolita styles that are super cute and definitely babyish/little-girlish, which are made in cotton, cotton blend, and synthetic materials that are completely washable.
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    Honestly, if you're still able to fit into store brand stuff, go with that, that's where I get my cute clothes, I still fit into size 12 and/or Large (depending on the clothing brand, every brand is different.) in the girls section of Target. . . lol.

    It wont be overly cute, but its cute enough for me without going into the overboardness of ebay.

    Try going to a thrift store. Again it won't be overly babyish or anything, but you might be able to find something cute that fits.

    There really isn't an in between between the super satin sissy stuff and just normal cute clothes. And it's hard to find normal cute clothes in adult sizes. (Atleast in my experience anyway.) So I wish you luck and I hope this helps you

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    Thanks for the tips everyone! I'll research ebay again and maybe check out target and stuff. Thanks for the help.

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