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Thread: Cystoscopy local anaesthetic / sudden onset urge incon

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    Default Cystoscopy local anaesthetic / sudden onset urge incon

    hi everyone kind of had a dead account for a long time
    so this is gonna be a hell of a post.
    I started experiencing urge incontinence a little over a year ago and recently saw a urologist for the first time he had little to say regarding the matter and the appointment was mainly setting up appointments for testing.
    he said that he wants to insert a camera into my bladder via the urethra and that it is normally done under general anaesthetic however I really dislike the idea of general anaesthetic and would ideally opt for local anaesthetic during the procedure.
    Wall of text aside my question is simply are there any males on this board who have had this procedure performed on them under local anaesthetic and if so would you be able to share as much about the experience with me as possible?
    my second question is in regards to the incontinence itself it basically started without warning one day and increased in severity to the point where i am now having up to 5 or 6 accidents a day on a bad day or 1 or 2 on a good day
    Has anyone else here heard of or experienced incontinence that started as suddenly as this? any theories are also welcome
    lastly i just want to mention that I have seen several doctors before the urologist that tested me to make sure that i was suffering no infection or obvious other problems.
    thankyou in advance for any answers.

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    A cystoscopy under local is unpleasant but not awful.

    My cystoscopies were office procedures under local anesthetic. Doctors usually avoid general anesthetic whenever possible. I would ask why he wants to use general. There may be something in your situation that he thinks warrants it.

    I'm continent when awake, but I had no control over my urination for the rest of the day after each cystoscopy. It was very weird to feel urine just running out without any control. The first time, the nurse gave me diapers. After that, I brought my own.

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    when I saw the urologist he gave me a prostate exam when we briefly discussed the cystoscopy he said that I was tight during the prostate exam and that he was slightly concerned that during a cystoscopy nervousness might also cause muscle tightness making it more uncomfortable

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    My experience with cystoscopy with a local anaesthetic is that I'd opt for a general if offered. Cystscospy has had no effect on my urge incontinence.

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    I have no idea whats causing mine so this cystoscopy is going to be just to check things out and see if there are any visible problems

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    Cystoscopy is usually performed under a local anesthetic unless there are special circumstances. General anesthetic is much more complicated and probably requires admission to a hospital or surgery center, as well as several doctors in attendance. (much more expensive, insurance may not pay). Local anesthetic is usually lidocaine injected into the urethra along with the camera, and is relatively painless.

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    Would anybody be able to tell which is more common
    Rigid cystoscopy or flexible
    Id also like to see if anyone has any answers to my second question

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    Flexible I would have thought. A rigid one would be most unpleasant. I have had two. I think they must have used some anesthetic similar to that date-rape drug because to be honest I only remember one or two minor events in the whole exam that took 30 mins. I was conscious throughout but very little memory of the exam itself.

    On the plus side I remember a sexy looking nurse helping me on with my plastic pants over my disposable. I told them, with a little truth, that I did not wholly trust the disps in the past as they leaked on me. Too bad I was half "out of it" so to speak a the time. As a previous poster said it is not pleasant in parts but certainly no more than say going to the dentist.

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    Would anyone be able to give me anymore details about the anaesthetic (how it felt , any pain, how long it took to work, how soon after anaesthetic they started,)?

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