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Thread: Does anyone else like Anpanman???

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    Default Does anyone else like Anpanman???

    Holy smokes, sometimes I forget how much I love kids' anime and then every time Anpanman goes and blows me out of the water because it has basically everything I've ever loved about kids' shows in it.

    I grew up with a lot of discount anime tapes thanks to my aunts and Anpanman feels just like one of those "weird Just 4 Kids shows" I loved so much growing up, esp. the earlier episodes. It's older than I am and I'm pretty sure it's the platinum standard for kids' shows in Japan.

    It's already aimed for VERY young children, so you don't have to know Japanese to understand what's going on unless you're very particular about knowing what food everyone is supposed to be. (Warning: this show makes you VERY hungry VERY quickly)

    Because it's been around so long, it's also fun from an artist's view to watch an early 90s episode and then a late 2000s episode and compare the different storyboard angles, hehe.

    Anyone else dig this?

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    If it makes me hungry, then it's my personal idea to say I'm going to watch something very interesting tonight. Eating is my favorite specialty! Just kidding (I'm not fat in anyway) I watched regular kids shows yes, but not the anime special one's or something.

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    Aw Snivy, you're missing out. It's the best, really tops. I think you'd like it.

    Here's a link to the first episode, if anyone's curious.
    My favorite characters are Baikinman, Horraman, Uncle Jam, and Kamameshidon.

    I had a dream the other night when I went to bed grumpy that I found a way to get to Uncle Jam's bakery and I got to stay in Anpanman world for a whole week. It was totally awesome and everyone there was so nice. I woke up feeling so happy. I usually don't have dreams where I get to talk to cartoon characters like those, though there are often a lot of interesting characters in my dreams.

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