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Thread: I Finally Decided To Tell Someone.

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    Default I Finally Decided To Tell Someone.

    today was a day that I will never forget. One of my best friends told me that he was bisexual. Initially it was a shock but not because of his bisexuality, but because I didn't expect it from him. anyway I was as accepting and made sure he new that I didn't think of him any differently. I also made sure that he new that I would not tell anyone else. and then u decided to tell him about my diaper related sexuality to try and sympathize with him and he was also very accepting. my initial point was that I actually told someone about my diaper fetishes. I am not trying to take the attention away from him. I just thought the only person I would ever tell would be my wife maybe. anyways I just felt the need to share. thank you.

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    You're welcome! We like it here at ADISC when a story has a happy ending. Where do you think your friendship will go from here?

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    I'm hoping it will stay the same. I really don't mind his bisexuality. I don't think it will have any major changes.
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    How did he take it? Was he insulted that you saw some parallel between your secret and his?

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    well I think he took it good. I think he understood that I was trying to gain his trust. I wanted him to be sure that I accepted him, not wonder if I was just "accepting him" to not hurt his feelings.

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    Sounds like everything went well. Have you talked to him since then? Keep us posted as to how things go!

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    Awesome story, showeraddict. I hope that the two you stay in touch and can remain close friends. It sounds like you both trust each other enough to confide in one another, and that can be the basis for a very long friendship.

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    Amazing the things which bind us together. Good for you.

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    Always awesome when a transition like this goes according to plan. Thanks for sharing!

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    Actually when I did see him and hangout with him again I thought it was going to be a bit akward, but it wasn't. Is in a sense that I am the only one he has ever told, but other than that it's all good.

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