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    I don't know how to put this without sounding like a asshole but I made a bad call the other night. I'm pretty sure I wrecked my and a friend relationship. Is there a way I can put our relationship back to the way it was?

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    There were times in my life when I've made terrible mistakes and I didn't think my friends would ever talk to me again. But a good friendship can survive turbulent times and friends can surprise you with their understanding and capacity to forgive.

    Having said that, perhaps you could give us a few details about what happened. It would help us give more specific advice and suggestions. What was the 'bad call?'

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    Like starrunner asked, a few more details would be nice. Depending on the transgression, all may not be lost. With my best friend, I will say something to her that I think will get me in trouble, but it will go by seemingly unnoticed. Other times, a simple remark that I think nothing about will wind up with an argument. Sometimes you just never know.

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    Yeah I agree. We need more details if we are going to give advice or support of any kind. Can I respectively request permission for more details please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by minime View Post
    Is there a way I can put our relationship back to the way it was?
    Sorry bro, we need more details to officially help you out and you get the correct information we need.

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    To make a long story short We ended up having sex.

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    Shure if you want to just be friends then just tell them .
    Then be the best friend you can be ok thats it .
    Not a world ending thing.

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    Well... it's still hard to say for sure without having more details.

    My first question is : Was it consensual sex?

    Who initiated it?
    Why are you feeling this wrecked the relationship?
    Do you want it to be more than a friendship?
    Is there any indication that your friend regrets what happened?
    Do you regret what happened?

    In general, and without having the details, you need to take some time and decide where you see the relationship going (or here you want it to go). Then you need to have a heart to heart talk with your friend and determine if s/he feels the same way. Perhaps you can come to a consensus on where you both want to go with this. These things happen in life but for now I don't see this as something that necessarily ends the relationship, but to some extent, it will change it. But please, talk to your friend.

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    This thread feels like a soap opera misunderstanding waiting to happen. I'm not going to give any new advice until we can figure out what's going on. Right now we've got "had sex" and "worried it was a bad decision."

    So, tell us your story, minime. Leave out the graphic details, but who was the person, how did you know him/her, and how did you wind up in bed together? Start at the beginning of the night and explain what happened.

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    It's ok minime. We are here to help. Under no circumstances should you feel embarrassed and no one here is going to judge you.

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