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Thread: Should I go full fledged baby?

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    Talking Should I go full fledged baby?

    I wear diapers but I am wondering if inhould go full fledged baby like get a bottle and feetie pajamas. But I still live at home both parents know I wear diapers but I don't know if I should buy baby things. My dad understands the diaper thing but I don't know how he would act with the baby thing even though he told me he always knew that I had a rough life and he knew I always wanted to be little. My mom totally accepts me I wear in front of her and everything and even I was joking about her getting me a baby bottle and she said yes I am
    Still thinking of embrasing my Ab desires!

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    It sounds to me like you are very lucky to have two parents that are accepting of your ABDL interests! It doesn't sound like your dad would be completely upset with you if you bought that, especially if you enjoyed using those baby things in the privacy of home.

    If it were me, and if I were lucky enough to have understanding parents like yours, I would go ahead and order those things. If either of your parents seem upset or tell you that they are uncomfortable with it, then just tell them why you bought it and how you feel. Worst case scenario, I think, would be that you just need to get rid of them and you're back to where you are right now.

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    If they know about the diapers, I think they pretty much understand the "little" persona. I wouldn't go flashing it around for attention.

    So, why not?

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    If you have some doubt, ask your mom. She would know how your dad would take it.

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    From how you describe it, you probably could do a little more without too much trouble. You might want to change the term you're using though. Full-fledged baby makes me think of people who are on their own living with a partner that partakes in the ABDL stuff and wearing 24/7. You sound like you're just looking for a couple more babyish things. A bottle and a pacifier, and maybe some footie pajamas to wear on nights or weekends. That's pretty tame, all things considered.

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    Even with them knowing, I would still recommend regressing in privacy, so it'd still be kind of difficult finding the time for it. But if you do have the time and it's really what you feel you should do, go for it.

    But if you were talking about just acquiring items, if your parents are already accepting of diapers, then some extra accessories shouldn't do any harm as long as you don't flaunt it.

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    Footy pajama is much more normal than wearing diaper, so if they accept diaper don't realy think they will tell u anything about footyes! For bottle...another can start using in private....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    as long as you don't flaunt it.
    This is pretty much what you shouldn't do.

    footed sleepers, plushies and sippy cups's should be okay. Just, don't flaunt it or leave them all over the house.

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    "Everybody knows you never go full [baby]." Okay, so it's not exact but it's pretty close and pretty apt in my book, unless you're with someone who appreciates it.

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    I don't see any problem with buying more AB clothes or a bottle (if I did, I probably wouldn't be here!), and it's a good idea if you think those things will help you feel more comfortable/happier when you regress.

    As MetalMann said, keep it relatively discreet, and it's worth remembering that your parents might have more issues with you doing overtly AB things in practice, than just discussing things like baby bottles in theory (though if they're fine with diapers, they're obviously quite supportive and open minded ).

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