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    Hi all! So I just had an experience interesting enough to write about.. Lately I've had the opportunity to stay diapered most of the time, so it has been an experimental period for me the past couple months. I've become more adventurous in wearing out in public as I run errands etc. (Only clean and dry.)

    Now I have read countless things about the trials and tribulations of wearing and concealing in public. I have some comfortable clothes that I believe keeps me under the radar, although now I'm not quite so sure.

    So today as I ran around to knock some errands off my list I stopped into a place where I grab a slice of pizza now and then. There was one person in front of me as I walked in. As I waited, a girl who works there (who is flirty with me) came around from behind me, smacked me right on my padded butt and said "What can I get you today hun"?

    It sent a jolt through me as I had no idea anyone was behind me, no less was I prepared to get a smack on my padded buns in public! I ordered my slice without missing a beat and left. As I got in my car all I could do was try and decode what just happened.

    I think the burning question in my mind at this moment is, was this an act done because she found me out or was it just a flirtatious moment? It wasn't very busy and there is a good chance she could have scoped me out from the other part of the restaurant. I think my gut instinct tells me I was discovered.

    Now let me state for the record, I do not feel offended or violated in any way. I understood going into this the consequences present. I surprised myself in that I really didn't care if I had been found out. I can't say that would apply to any and all situations I could encounter. Anyway sorry for rambling on here and would be interested to hear your take on this!

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    I certainly hope you got her number! :P

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    One of those awkward 'you'll never be sure' moments ..... Adding that bit of tension every time you see her .... or if she has become aware and somehow raises it, I guess you'll need to have something prepared to respond. Either way I think next time you see her you need to act as calm and natural as possible, then try to gauge her interest or lack of it. Honestly though it was probably a harmless random act, and depending what you were wearing she probably felt nothing if it was just a pat. I know if I wear under jeans, the back feels fairly firm, but my jeans are usually close fitting.
    I do hope its a good outcome for you.

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    It's highly unlikely that she noticed you were wearing a diaper. Most people, even if they see what we would label as "nearly irrefutable evidence" of a diaper, such as a huge bulge or a bit of white trim sticking up, will assume other things before they assume "oh my god, they're wearing a diaper." A simple pat on the butt, in most cases, would be more likely to make her think that you have an abnormally level (not to be confused with flat) posterior.

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    Been there a few times and I agree it's really hard to be objective. You examine your slo-mo replay as an insider in the subterfuge, making every alternative explanation much less plausible. I once spent 15 minutes amongst friends with my waistband showing slightly, but could never distance myself from the situation enough to decide whether any of them would actually have noticed.

    OTOH, it's great that you aren't feeling like it's a matter of life and death. Perhaps, having run the action replay and decided that it wasn't a foregone conclusion, you're already comfortable with that risk level.

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    I can see that this may be circumstantial. I should add that I was wearing an Abena which are sort of bulky. She has never touched me before, so hitting my padded butt made me question the situation. Maybe I'm reading into this too deep. I think the thing I will take from this is that I am not as scared as I thought I would be about someone finding out. I may later regret that last statement lol.

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    One would think that having an employee touch or pat a patron's butt would be outrageous, or even hard to believe, but I can do you one better. When I was young and recently married, my wife and I went out to a very fine restaurant in Akron, OH. Our waiter was also a young male. He made it a point to put my wife's cloth napkin on her lap and then he did the same to me. The only difference was he copped a feel when he placed the napkin on my lap. I told my wife and we both got a laugh out of it. Fortunately, I wasn't wearing a diaper.

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    You could ask her number or ask her out... (and wear a diaper on your first date ;-))

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    The quickness of the act seems to be that she would not have been able to decipher a padded backside vs. just plain underwear being worn. Of course I heard Houdini could kneel on over a hundred toothpicks and tell you exactly how many there were with his "knee counting".... If she makes no more remarks about this incident it meant nothing. IF she does, you may be on a pathway that you may have to decide one way or another to explore with her.....

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    From my experience, people are not going to say anything after patting your diaper bottom. Maybe they noticed, maybe they didn't. I know my ex boyfriend noticed when he touched me there and didn't say anything until the next day. So I assume they do know when they pat you down there. But if the diaper is thin enough, they won't notice. I have tried this with my husband because I asked and he said he couldn't feel it and other times he said he could because I had on a different diaper.

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