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Thread: A terrible experinence

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    Default A terrible experinence

    I had my first experinence with diaper rash. It was aweful and painful. I thankfully had some rash cream on hand from a binge buy. It hurt like heck and I wanted nothing more than to make it go away. I'm now peacefully in a fresh diaper with a large amount of cream.

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    Diaper rash sucks! My wife made some feminine wash and it has vinegar in it. Since I've been using it, I haven't even had the tingling you get before the rash. I think the vinegar does something with the ph to neutralize the pee. Glad you're diapered and among the living!

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    I use Dr. Boudreaux's Butt Paste (the regular not the "green" one) which is good if you anticipate longer time in wet or you intend to poop. Other than that I use a Lotrimin talcum powder (which doesn't stem the rash as much as gets rid of some other problems).

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    I've only had it a couple of times but you are so right. It is very painful especially while still in diapers and adding urine to your skin. I use Desitin but it's not an immediate fix as it takes a couple of days for it to totally go away. Xtrabulk sounds like he had the best solution.

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    I use Desenex Antifungal Powder, Cures Athletes Foot

    I use it prentatively instead of baby powder and it works. Problem with most baby powder is it contains starch with fungus like a to eat. This does not

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    I see that you are not IC, so if possible, stay out of diapers for a while, even a day or so and just let your skin air out. Use the diaper rash creams but it will help, especially after a good shower to just go without a diaper or underwear for a bit and lay on your stomack naked so your skin has a chance to recover in fresh air. It's usually the combination of urine and feces together that causes a bad rash. Hope you get better.

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    Thankfully I feel much better. I think my rash is gone, but as adviced I'm going to stay out of diapers for a few days.

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    Anti-Monkey Butt Creme is pretty good and their associated powder, though pricey and hard to find. It has calamine in it. Johnson and Johnsons makes a baby powder that has the same active ingredient as in most diaper rash cream (zinc oxide), so that is helpful as well. One thing I found from experience is I almost always have to use diaper rash cream regularly or some sort of barrier with my skin, otherwise its pretty quick to develop diaper rash. I tend to use the equate diaper rash cream regularly to reduce some of the costs, it smells not fun so I usually put a little bit of baby powder to have a better smell.

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    I have mostly used corn starch baby powder and balmex rash creames,always wash diapers in hottest water and dreft detergents.usually no rashes.

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