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    So I was wondering if anybody has been caught wearing diapers by someone that didn't know they were in to it and if so how did it go. Is it a big deal? I kinda have a desire to get caught. Maybe like someone see the bulk and ask or hear when the pee is rushing in, or see the bulge when its full. I think it might even be neat to do number 2 and maybe have somebody catch me while I'm going. I'm not sure why I want this, but I just think it would be fun, having them watching and knowing I'm just a baby. Does anybody else want that?

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    You'll find that getting caught is surprisingly challenging. I've been out and about in diapers, and we have several people here that wear 24/7 for one reason or another and can tell you that almost nobody notices. The one exception being going number 2 which you should not do around other people if you have the control to prevent it. It's really unpleasant for them and an unkind thing for you to do. It's one to derive your pleasure from wearing diapers without hurting anybody, but when you're making a lot of people around you feel ill, it's really not nice.

    Realistically, the kind of fantasy you have will not be how people react, and what your'e really looking for is a willing partner to role-play with you, knowing in advance what you have planned. Outside of that role-playing scenario, you should keep the whole idea of getting caught to the realm of fantasy. It won't work out like you imagine.

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    Caught yes: My mom found my stash and some writing I had done. She caught me with a bottle lying in bed one day and found out I was also wearing a diaper. My sister found some of my plastic pants. A long term girl friend couldn't figure out what I was so interested at on CompuServe but figured it out and was OK. My (not yet) wife found my stash and I had to explain it to her. That and a very long time friend who ran an ISP back in the early days where I had one of my alter ego accounts figured out where I was posting because he too as an DL so I guess that was OK.
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    People are different and they also have different ideas on how people should act. It can cause some very powerful discussions! Many people feel diapers should only be worn in the privacy of your home, others say it's fine to wear them out in public if you are discreet about it, and others say they don't care who notices they have diapers on because they are confident enough in who they are as a person. Then you have the ones who will dress in thick diapers, baby clothes, bottles and pacifiers and go out in public with their "mommy" acting like a baby with diaper chanegs and all that just to get a reaction.

    So, while people do as they please, the general consensis is to be discreet about your diapers when out in public where they might be noticed. The reason is those who flaunt being in diapers and baby clothes and acting like babies in public will tend to give the ABDL community a bad name as so many people don't know about it, and those who do often don't understand it and think AB and DL's are pedofiles who involve children. There have been pleanty of news articals about people wearing diapers out in public getting caught and being outlandish.

    Sure, there are people who have incontinence and need to wear diapers, but they are always dressed and don't go around flaunting to others that they have diapers on. Those who have to wear them gennerally don't want to broadcast that fact to everyone around them. So, I say you need to be respectful of those around you. If you were parents with children enjoying a day on the beach or in the park, you wouldn't want to be disturbed by someone laying on the sand in just a diaper, or someone running around the park dressed in baby clothes and bulging diapers with a pacifier in their mouth acting like a baby. Try being a parent and having to explain that to your 7 year old. Also, it would be very disrespectful to walk among people with a smelly load in your diapers. No one should have to be subjected to smelling you mess. To purpously and obvioulsy mess yourself when you know someone is watching you just to get their reaction is disrespectful as well, especially when there are children around. Doing it in your house in front of your wife is one thing. In front of strangers is not too cool.

    All that said, I am one who wears my diapers under my jeans and shorts out of town when running errands, but I do it discreetly. Sure, sometimes they bulge from my diapers is large but people just never seem to notice. The last thing on people's mind is a 30, 40 or 50 year old guy going normally about his business would be wearing diapers. The thing is, you go about your normal business just like everyone else. The only thing different about you from others around you is your underwear. I know that sometimes if I have to bend down to get something off the bottom shelf in a store, my shirt rides up and some of my diaper may show out the back of my pants. First, I am just a normal guy and it can happen to anyone. The only difference is it's not a BVD waitsband or worse, a hairy butt crack that might be visible. If those people who may see notice it's a diaper instead of underpants, well, they have no idea I don't have a medical condition like millions of people who need diapers. If they want to stare at me, it's their hang up and not mine. And if it's a stranger in a store who might notice, it would be very rude for them to come up to me and make a scene by asking me why I am wearing diapers under my clothes! So, if a little diaper might show when I bend down and a stranger notices, I'm OK with that as it can happen. I have many times been in a store surrounded by shoppers and I've even been talking with a clerk face to face all while wetting my diaper and no one had a clue to what I was doing. You can wet your diaper in front of someone a foot away while talking and they will never know unless you purpously make it obvious what you are doing.

    Now, if I was flaunting the fact that I had diapers on, let my pants or shorts hang half way down around my theighs just to show that I have a diaper on, or hang around the beach in just a shirt and diaper, I would be asking for trouble! Same as if I had a diaper on, either visible or concealed and made a big show of squating and grunting in front of someone so I could load it up or looking like I was peeing myself. Those are things people normally don't do, including incontinent people! If someone incontinent goes to the beach, they will have shorts on or a swimsuit to cover their diaper. If they have bowel incontinence, it happens without grunting and pushing. They are normal in every way and don't go about purpously flaunting that they are wearing diapers and using them. That is the difference. Sure, some people get excited or a "rush" when they know someone has noticed they are wearing a diaper, but the thing is, you can be totally normal acting, going about your business and if someone should notice a little diaper showing, they will think you have a medical reason and go about their day, maybe with a little sympathy for you or a chuckle and smile that they noticed. If you flaunt that you are wearing a diaper just so others will notice you, especially if you purpously show that you are wetting or messing yourself you will be seen as a wierdo and may have a few uncomfortable conversations with the police! It happens all the time and I've read about it in many ABDL forums from the people who were caught and the athorities were called.

    Before people start saying that it's not illeagal to be wearing diapers under your clothes and all that, it's how you are acting when doing it that can cause people around you to be concerned. For all they know you could be a mental person with a serious problem, a pedofile or something else and they have enough concern by the way you are acting to bring it to someone's attention. True, they may not be able to arrest you for wearing diapers, but they can take you in for creating a disturbance or disturbing the piece. If they want to, police can come up with a reason to take you in. Do you really want to go through all that and possibly end up in the local newspaper or the nightly news?

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    Hey RustyPins,
    Great post and very thoughtful, and thank you. I hope everyone can follow the generally accepted practices, and not cause negative press for our community. I had a long conversation about this with a professional person last week, and most of the people in this community feel we need to keep our cool when in public. Play smart, have fun, and don't push your stuff on unsuspecting people. If you do feel the necessity to go wild, then please seek out an ABDL event and meet people.

    My best to everyone reading this, and please help us avoid negative press (please).

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    My mom discovered my diapers when I was in college and sent me to see a psychiatrist at a residential mental facility, so no; it didn't work out well. I also was having some serious emotional problems at the time, and she discovered my gay porn. Oddly, she didn't approve of either....sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mack View Post
    So I was wondering if anybody has been caught wearing diapers by someone that didn't know they were in to it and if so how did it go. Is it a big deal? I kinda have a desire to get caught. Maybe like someone see the bulk and ask or hear when the pee is rushing in, or see the bulge when its full. I think it might even be neat to do number 2 and maybe have somebody catch me while I'm going. I'm not sure why I want this, but I just think it would be fun, having them watching and knowing I'm just a baby. Does anybody else want that?
    Diapers, no. My mom knows about my bottle, but she doesn't care and we don't ever talk about it. I see where you're coming from, though; when she found out about my bottle and I had to explain it to her, I felt embarrassed to the point where I could feel all the heat blooming into my cheeks, I wanted to drop dead right there... And even though it was actually really exhilarating, I don't desire to go through it again, nor would I deliberately try to expose myself if I did. Deliberate exhibitionism with the actions you describe sounds like it would take away from the exhilaration, and it's honestly quite uncouth and disrespectful to the people around you.

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    In the last few months I have made a point to wear a diaper or pull-up anytime I'm in public, not to purposely attract attention but because it is just more comfortable than without. I usually wear jeans or shorts that are made of a heavier material. I can say that I have only noticed one time that someone saw it. It was my own fault because it was late and I was wearing sweat pants and a bambino. After I went to grab some ice cream out of the cooler my girlfriend says to me, " did you see that couple do a double take". I was like no and she said apparently it was kind of obvious. Well no harm done as there was no one else in the store that night.

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