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    Default issus with parents

    my mother found out i was a dl but thankfully shes very open minded as is my father are there any sites i can show them both so they dont worry too much about me

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    This is a good one as well.

    Additionally, I highly recommend that you spend time going over the material with them. It's great to give them some background reading, but "here Mom, read this and don't worry" is far less effective than sitting down with them, explaining (using the websites to help) why you feel the way that you do and why you think it's okay, then answering any questions that they have.

    This also assumes that they want to talk about it. Some people on here have told stories of parents discovering diapers and then never wanting to discuss the issue, and many people are perfectly fine with that. So if it's not something that anybody really wants to talk about and they're open to you indulging yourself sometimes, then don't even worry about doing anything more. Just keep your personal space clean and be hygienic.

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    thank you this was the first thing i ever showed them im glad i found this site too i hope to enjoy my future secret stash

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