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Thread: Hi cloth diaper sewists. I could use a hand.

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    Question Hi cloth diaper sewists. I could use a hand.

    Way off in the future, I'd like to have 10 or so custom slip-on/snap off AIOs made. I am autistically picky about all aspects of it. I know I want dimpled Zorb 2 as the inner, sandwich PUL (a layer of PUL permanently sandwiched between 2 layers of polyester) as the middle, & a cotton outside, which will be sewn to the sandwich PUL using Tex 30 anti wicking polyester thread. (The cotton & sandwich PUL mean my ears & feelings don't get hurt by crinkle, which is killer important!) I shall even design the double leg gussets. I have decided on heart & star shaped #20 polyacetal resin Kam snaps, because they don't get rusty & annoying, & I associate the sound of Velcro negatively & it hurts my ears.

    They recommend you don't preshrink the inner fabric, but I'd have to because I'd want to wash & dry as hot as possible, & since the inner will shrink, but the middle layer won't shrink at all, if I don't preshrink it, it'll stress the seems. They say if you must preshrink, to use a darn good polyester thread, & serge the edges together so they don't fray. The inner will shrink by up to 10% & fluff up as much as 50%, so that's why the Tex 30 thread. From what I hear, shrinking it actually makes it more absorbent, so the bigger thread is no bother. They also say, if you do preshrink, not to cut the pattern pieces before you sew. I imagine this means to draw the inner on the fabric, then use the serger to sew on the line, & it'll cut as it sews.

    I have some questions.

    Would fold-over elastic work for a slip-on/snap off AIO? This is killer important, because FOE doesn't bunch. Thinking of bunchy cased elastic makes my flesh crawl!

    Would the Kam snaps I plan to use be too difficult to press through the fabrics?

    Would it be possible to cover the side of the internal leg gusset that doesn't touch my skin with the same middle & outer fabric as the outside, & have Zorb 2 on the side that touches my skin?

    Any idea how many how many square yards of each fabric I'll need?

    There's absolutely no way my hands are steady enough to sew. Assuming I were to provide my measurements, a pattern, fabrics, threads, & snaps, & preshrink the fabrics that need to be, who would sew them for me? Am I so nuts for wanting this much control that no one will? If I am, I'm sorry, but certain aspects of diapers have to be
    very specific because of CP, sensory, & emotional issues.

    About how much would it cost?

    Don't worry, if I discover the ultimate AB cloth diaper, I'll tell you all about it.

    Here's a picture of the slip-on/snap off style.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	21970Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	21969 if I got the right adult pattern, could it be modified from there? See what I mean? Cased elastic bunches!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger
    Your needed bro. I "again" know nothing about cloth diapers.

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    Well I don't have much input on this one. I don't know that much about the details of creating a cloth diaper. I buy mine through which the lady that runs it will sometimes do custom stuff, but it is usually to the design that she generally makes. I think it would be worth asking her though, she can either tell you yes or no. I haven't seen her do any snap on diapers before, but I know she has worked with snaps when it comes to onesies. If you are providing the fabric then you are probably better off that way too. I don't know of anybody else that makes a snap on diaper, but I have seen them before. I know if you look around too, you can find people who will make custom ab clothing for particular needs.

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    To the op, pm me. My wife makes mine, and is doing quite well. She is planning my next diaper with fold over, so I can hand her my tablet, and maybe she can help you out via pm.

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    Wife says to buy the baby FOE. Apack, she says, will make 4 diapers. Yes, the snaps will be hard. Use enamel covered stainless steel snaps with the pearl outer covering. Thry are vintage looking, and are preferred. Zorb 2 should be covered on both sides, and quilted. Preferred material is a satin linen for mild absorancy. If Zorb doesnt have both sides covered, my wife fears it will fray.for an xl diaper, you'll need 1 yard of each. This will provide extra material for gussets and soaker pads. You can go on craigslist, or my wife will do it....for $30.00 an hour. She cliams that for sewing this fine, it would be harder than what she does for me. Any seamstress with exp with a surger should be able to do it how you want it. She's right here, and not reading this part, so I'll say that's pricy, but if she's saying it'll be better than what she's made consider it. For ten, she'd charge $way much money. She can get it done, but with consulting and dealing with a perfectionist, it would be pricy. You'll get what you want, and it will be awesome, but you will pay for it. Now, she CAN make an awesome diaper, pretty cheaply. But you're in serious custom mode. Let us know!

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    I wear an 8 petite in jeans, which makes me a medium, I think. Am I right? I have been drinking way too much soda, so maybe I've gone up a size.

    According to the manufacturers, original Zorb needs to be lined, but Zorb 2 doesn't. I'd probably add a black lining anyway, 'cause I'm a girl, & well, "Red Sea issues," cause stains. The reason I wanted polyacetal resin snaps is I don't wanna set off metal detectors. Ever try using an airplane bathroom in mid flight when you can't walk without holding onto something, even when you're not moving? I'd imagine it's impossible for me. Also, metal might be too difficult to snap & unsnap. I might need to use size 22 or 24 snaps in that case, huh? Cerebral Palsy with Autistic Features can really suck.

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